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Idaho uses innovative outreach with brokers

Idaho Commerce promotes GemStateProspector.com, their GIS data resource microsite, in a variety of ways, including marketing to brokers with a new document.

Alissa Sklar
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on June 15, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Idaho Commerce promotes GemStateProspector.com, their GIS data resource microsite, in a variety of ways, and they’ve approached their marketing to brokers with a new document. The two-page PDF combines a clear description of GemStateProspector.com with explanations of its main features, as well as concise instructions for registering an account, and adding listings for commercial or industrial properties. They anticipate questions by listing data sources, and offer a snapshot of the community profile data infographic.


“Our goal in creating this document is to help market and encourage use of the site not only to our local ED professionals, but also to our commercial realtors,” explains Jenny Hemley, Business Attraction Specialist for Idaho Commerce.


“We needed the information compiled and easily accessible so that we can better respond to user questions and communicate what the site can do.  Between this new document and use of the Active Needs tool, we have had more account requests in the past few weeks than we have had all year.”


That’s great news for Idaho Commerce, and an excellent case study for other ZoomProspector Enterprise clients looking to effectively communicate the value of their online data tools.

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