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How businesses search for the right community

Searching for a new business location has never been easier, thanks to ZoomProspector.com. With hundreds of economic development GIS data variables available for every location in the U.S., site selectors and businesses can put together a qualified short list with a few clicks of a mouse.


In our short video below, we use the example of a tech company looking to relocate. With the whole United States before them, how can they figure out which location best matches their criteria? As you can see, they narrow down the available communities by adding in variables that are important for their business needs. Eventually, our hypothetical tech company has a long list, with names and data for 36 possible communities. 





What if they want to know more? In this video, we show you one of our coolest features: community rankings. Anyone can put together a list of the top 10 (or bottom 10) communities according to selected variables. We've pulled together some really fun ones in this blog post (scroll down).  You can also check out the Top Cities for Manufacturing in Indiana, or the communities with the highest household expenditures on women's clothing


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