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How will businesses find your community online?

How do businesses & site selectors find the right locations? They search online for communities matching their criteria, then contact those that make the cut.

Alissa Sklar
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on May 19, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

How do businesses and site selectors find the right locations? They start by searching online for communities that meet their criteria on key data points, then they contact the ones that make the cut. With the official launch of the all-new, completely redesigned ZoomProspector.com, they will take advantage of the U.S. national site selection portal. 

ZoomProspector.com is mobile responsive for use on tablets and smartphonesThe new ZoomProspector.com features a beautiful, intuitive interface, enabling entrepreneurs and location advisors anywhere to quickly and easily research and analyze locations. And since there is no charge for searches, and no need to even register for an account, there are zero barriers to access. This translates into high volume, high quality traffic for economic development organizations.


As a national site selection portal, ZoomProspector.com offers data on every community in the U.S., but also works in harmony with our GIS location analysis software, ZoomProspector Enterprise. EDOs certainly don't need to be GIS Planning clients to take advantage of it, but there are some wonderful advantages if you are already part of the ZoomProspector ecosystem, including free EDO Profiles, automatic uploading of site and property listings, local layers and more.


For more context, here are some other interesting points about features and functionality:


A huge range of data provided for every location in the U.S. All communities in the United States are automatically included in this national business location software tool. The impressive range of data points drill down to city level detail, which businesses need to make location decisions. Data is updated two to four times annually, ensuring it's always up-to-date and reliable.


Economic Development Online (EDO) Profiles. Cities, counties, MSAs, COGs and state-level economic development organizations can sign up for EDO Profiles to provide additional information about their communities (click hereLos Angeles neighborhoods with the most small businesses to see a great example). This includes SEO-boosting descriptive content, contact information, images, video, links to their website, property databases and social feeds. They also get beautiful, dynamic data infographics featuring key content. ZoomProspector Enterprise clients will see that all of their site data and property listings are automatically imported into their ZoomProspector.com listings, which make it even easier for businesses to find them. 


Community Rankings. One of my favorite features, rankings allow users to put in a range of data variables and rank cities, counties or metro areas according to results. The resulting maps and data are fascinating and an endless stream of content for reports, blogs, newsletters and social feeds. They are a great way to tell the story of different locations. Check out some of these interesting rankings:

Which U.S. Cities Spend the Most Money Dining Out?

The Richest Cities in the USA

Top Cities for Manufacturing in Michigan

San Francisco Neighborhoods by Booze Spending


Mobile Responsive Design. Our own data shows that up to 30% of traffic on economic development websites comes from mobile devices, which means you risk losing leads if you don't offer responsive design. The new ZoomProspecZPDC-Profile_infographic_block.pngtor.com is completely mobile responsive, so site selectors and businesses can use their tablets and smartphones without sacrificing accessibility, features on functionality. 


Engaging visuals. Images convey information far faster than text, and are more likely to be recalled and processed. ZoomProspector.com uses sophisticated mapping to showcase data, and dynamic infographics illustrate key points. 


Fully integrated social sharing. Generate heat maps, compare communities, research and analyze to your heart's content, then easily share content to your favorite social networks. You'll never search for high-quality content again. Users can also leave comments and reviews about individual communities.


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