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New! Property display widget features your properties on your website

The all-new Property Display Widget features property thumbnails on your website, helping site selectors and businesses find and research ideal locations

Alissa Sklar
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on May 17, 2023
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Don't bury your leads! Your available commercial sites and buildings are going to generate interest from site selectors and potential investors, so GIS Planning has made it easy for them to shine on any of your website pages with the all-new Property Display Widget. This easy-to-use widget drives more qualified leads to your ZoomProspector location analysis web tool by promoting featured properties wherever you want to put them.

Arizona APS property display widgetZoomProspector's Property Display Widget makes your site and building property thumbnails the literal stars of the show, by displaying them in key places on your website. Visitors click on the property of interest and the widget will take them directly to the property report for that listing on ZoomProspector. Paired with our unique customizable property search widget, these tools ensure site selectors and investors can easily find what they need in your community.

Check out the example in the screenshot on the right from Arizona Public Service (APS). From this attention-grabbing widget, your web visitors can continue to research, analyze and share tens of thousands of data variables and map layer combinations. They can contact you directly from the report to schedule a visit or ask additional questions. And you get to see which companies are visiting these reports from your Lead Gen ID dashboard. 

APS's Economic Development Manager Kelly Patton sees the new widget as an important way to direct users to available properties, explaining, “The new property display widget enhances the user experience by enabling a streamlined, more engaging search and allowing users to save and share properties with others. This new tool assists users to manage property data more efficiently, making it easier to locate what’s available.”

Kelly's colleague, Mackenzie Fitz-Gerald, agrees: “The new property display widget has provided greater visibility of available properties, making them more accessible to a wider audience, generating more leads and smoothing the way for economic development and growth in Arizona.”

How does the Property Display Widget work? As the Admin, you can choose to display properties of all kinds or filter them. There are three different ways you can filter them in each of your widgets. Check out the screenshot below from the Michigan Economic Development Commission (MEDC) to see how they use filters such as "Redevelopment Ready" and "Energy Ready" to create target audience types and offer them customized persona journeys.

  • Filter by property type (sites or buildings)
  • Filter by property subtypes (office, industrial, retail and more)
  • Filter by property assets (Opportunity Zone, Energy Ready, Redevelopment Ready, etc.). Note that GIS Planning adds a variety of property asset filters to ZoomProspector but clients are always welcome to add more of their own. Any of these can function as a filter for the Property Display Widget.

Michigan highlighted properties search widgetWho benefits from the new Property Display Widget? All stakeholders throughout the economic development lifecycle can enjoy the benefits of this new widget! Your commercial brokers will be thrilled to see their properties represented directly on website pages. Site selectors and businesses making location decisions benefit by having clearly represented links to your ZoomProspector GIS data tool. Economic developers benefit because you have made it easier than ever for potential investors to find the available commercial sites and buildings they are seeking, as well as helping you create multiple filtered widgets according to your needs. Finally, your whole community benefits because you are offering a sophisticated, strategic and innovative way to help businesses find their ideal business locations in your community. 

No other vendor on the market offers anything like the new property display widget or the recently released property search widget. You can count on GIS Planning to deliver consistently innovative, cutting-edge solutions to help expanding and relocating companies find their ideal location for business success in your region. Want to learn more about how ZoomProspector works to drive more investment to your community? Click below to schedule a customized assessment and demo.

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