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New! Customizable search widget drives web traffic to ZoomProspector

The powerful new ZoomProspector search widget offers your prospects a clear shortcut from any website page to their property data results.

Alissa Sklar
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on January 27, 2023
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

As part of our ongoing commitment to help clients drive as much quality traffic as possible to their online GIS data mapping and property search tools, we're proud to release a new customizable search widget that can be quickly and easily added to any of your web pages. This powerful little widget ensures important leads can easily begin their search for property data on any website pages where it's embedded.

Search widgetAside from being easy to add, the new ZoomProspector search widget can be customized to include any fields you want. You can stick to just property type or include additional fields, depending on the website page and box size you want. The goal here is to maximize traffic and cut out any noise between your prospect and the decision-making process. This is website navigation made easy. 

Widgets are often used in website design to draw a straight line from the home screen or key pages to oft-used functions. Think of them as remote controls for your ZoomProspector or shortcuts to the property or community search highlights of interest to any given user.

You can see live examples of the widget on the South Carolina Department of Commerce and Team Kentucky web pages. Flexibility and intuitive design such as this help ensure investors, site selectors and community stakeholders can take full advantage of your online GIS data tool. 

If you're a current ZoomProspector client and want to add search widgets to your website or partner websites, contact support to get what you need set up and ready to go. 

You may have noticed that these new search widgets are the THIRD new release we've announced in as many weeks. On January 11th, we launched the newly redesigned virtual-tour building software, ZoomTour. On January 19th, we announced the newly expanded 3D Rendering feature, now with the ability for any web visitor to draw, design and share multiple buildings in 3D renderings for every property in ZoomProspector. This constant innovation is part of how we are celebrating our milestone anniversary of 25 years as the top-ranked and fastest-growing online GIS data tool for economic development and corporate site selection. 

Would you like to learn more about how ZoomProspector, our online GIS data mapping software for commercial site selection, can help drive more qualified leads to your community? Book a demo today!

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