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EDO lessons from kindergarten: The critical importance of sharing

Only ZoomProspector offers full-service online sharing for EDOs are eager to tell the world about available properties, workforce, and quality of life.

Alissa Sklar
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on January 24, 2022
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Play fair. Clean up your mess. Don't hit people. When you go out in traffic, hold hands and stick together. Robert Fulgham's oft-quoted book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, ruminates on the important things we need to know in all spheres of life. When people discuss these critical life lessons, there is little question that sharing is right there at the top of the list. From cookies to good news, so many things are so much better when we don't just keep them to ourselves. 

sharing ice creamThis is as obviously true in economic development and corporate site selection as it is anywhere else in our lives: EDOs work hard to share the news about all their locations how to offer, how many properties there are available in their regions, how well prepared their workforce and talent pool is to meet the needs of new investors, and how pleasing their quality of life. In fact, sharing is such a critical part of place marketing and investment attraction that GIS Planning has built multiple easy ways to share data, property reports, community information and analysis. 

With ZoomProspector, you can quickly and easily share any of this information with the Share button (which I usually refer to as our place marketing "superpower" in consultations with clients). Data, reports, properties and analysis can be shared in multiple ways:

  • Hyperlinks directly back to the report or analysis with map layers
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Online proposal generator
  • ZoomTour virtual tour building software
  • Online presentations and slide decks
  • PDF

There's no question that of these many options, the hyperlink is the most powerful. In marketing, a primary goal is always to drive prospects back to your website, not some static, old-school document without your branding, so they can continue their research and then reach out to take the process to the next steps.

The power of sharing is so intrinsic to the site selection process and yet, ZoomProspector remains the only GIS site selection software on the market to make online sharing possible. Kind of mind-blowing actually. Without the "superpower" Share button generating hyperlinks, social posts and email shares, your online site selection software loses much of its marketing power. Your GIS data tool can be an incredibly powerful generator of leads - why would any economic development pro choose to leave that kind of capability behind?

GIS Planning is also the only vendor to empower the sharing of custom 3D renderings and the only one to ensure all features are available on mobile. 

If our Share button is a superpower, then our analytics are undoubtedly its sidekick. Driving potential investors back to your website is great - but it's even better if you're actively tracking analytics so you can see who they are, when they visit, how they got there, what they stay to see, and how many times they come back. That's actionable intelligence an economic development professional can take to the bank. 

Economic developers know that sharing is caring. After all, 24 years after launching the first site selection software for economic developers, ZoomProspector remains solidly in 1st place as the industry choice. Consistent innovations like the Share button are the reasons 30 US statewide economic development organizations have selected GIS Planning to represent them to the world's investors. Or why our unrivalled growth over past years means 72% of Americans (and 67% of North Americans) live in territory serviced by our software. 

We'd love to share more information about how ZoomProspector can work to drive more investment to your community (see what I did there?!). Click below to set up a customized assessment of your region's needs and a demo of our software options. 

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