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GIS Planning by the numbers

We've been the leading GIS site selection data software in economic development for more than 23 years. Here's a look at GIS Planning by the numbers.

Alissa Sklar
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on July 08, 2021
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

For the past 23 years, our clients have ensured we've always remained the industry's leading GIS data tool for corporate site selection and economic development. We've earned that trust through a combination of consistent, exceptional innovation and updates to our online data tools, along with exceptional customer service. No other vendor on the market comes close to offering this number of constantly added new features, enhanced functionality and intuitive interface. 

As a result, we feel fortunate to have experienced considerable growth in market share. We work hard to justify our clients' trust in our software products. Here is a selection of facts and figures about our company:

  • The share button is a marketing super power#1 in updates: ZoomProspector is the most up-to-date and innovative GIS site selection data software on the market. Our last significant update was in June 2021, with new features added to our unique drag and drop built-in Proposal Generator
  • An impressive 72% of Americans live in communities serviced by GIS Planning products
  • Canadians love us too! 67% of all people in North America live in communities serviced by GIS Planning products
  • 29 US statewide economic development organizations have selected GIS Planning site selection software to attract investment to their states
  • Our North American clients can be found across 47 US states and 5 Canadian provinces
  • In addition, you will also find GIS Planning technology in use by investment promotion agencies in 13 other countries in Europe and Latin America
  • We welcomed more new clients in 2020 than our competitors can count as their total, all-time number of customers
  • 2 site selector groups have chosen GIS Planning software for their own internal use to manage and analyze projects - that speaks volumes to EDOs seeking to earn their trust
  • A significant percentage of the commercial sites and buildings in the Florida state site actually come from regular synchronized uploads from GIS Planning clients across the state
  • Only GIS Planning clients benefit from having their property listings automatically synced in the Florida Power & Light PoweringFlorida.com site and the Duke Energy ZoomProspector site. 
  • Only GIS Planning clients in Georgia can benefit from automatic synchronization with the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Georgia EMC. In fact, that's the case for all the rest of our many state clients as well - from Oregon to New York, Ohio to Mississippi, only GIS Planning regional clients get to enjoy a sync with their state's ZoomProspector web tool
  • As a service from the Financial Times and in partnership with fDi Intelligence, we serve 45% of the world's population with our products and services
  • 365 - that's how often we update the business listings in our powerful business reports, thanks to our partnership with Data Axle. Businesses open and close all the time, so it's important the business mapping and reports on ZoomProspector offer an accurate reflection of the companies and organizations on the ground in your community
  • Miami Dade google earthEvery single property listing in ZoomProspector automatically gets its own 360° virtual tour, powered by Google Earth's impressive and familiar technology. Want to add additional custom virtual tours? No problem! Add additional tour media (drone videos, immersive walkthroughs, 3D animations, etc) with a click
  • Zero. That's how many other vendors offer fully-featured mobile-responsive versions of their GIS data web tool. ZoomProspector is the only one on the market that doesn't sacrifice mapping, reports and other features to the 35% (or more) of your web visitors using smartphones and tablets
  • Zero (again). That's how many other vendors offer the same super-powerful Share button found on every ZoomProspector property listing, community profile and report so that you can direct web visitors back to the analysis and data you want to highlight. Downloadable PDFs are old school - don't risk losing leads by relying on them. 

Want to learn more about how GIS Planning's industry-leading site selection software can drive investment and support businesses in your community? Book a demo today!

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