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And the community that spends the most on their hair is...

Businesses looking to expand or relocate search community and consumer expenditure data on ZoomProspector.com, the most popular national site selection portal

Alissa Sklar
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on August 25, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Economic development professionals love facts and figures about their communities. Ask them about educational attainment, population breakdowns by age, tax incentives, supply chain logistics, and the like, they will be very happy to oblige. 


That data is obviously very important. And businesses looking to expand or relocate will certainly be interested to hear more, which is why ZoomProspector.com is far and away the most popular national search engine for businesses and site selectors. But what about using it to research other pressing questions? Like how much they spend, on average, on their hair? Or their kids' clothes. Or entertainment? Or alimony payments?How much does your community spend on hair care? Flickr: Jean Nieves


Consumer spending data offers a fascinating perspective on a community. Now this is absolutely critical for retail sales businesses seeking the right location. But even if you aren't a shoe store or hair salon, you can learn a whole lot about communities across the country based on this data. And because you can do multi-variable searches, throwing in population criteria, income tax, degrees, and more, you can turn up more than simply the richest communities in the country. 


ZoomProspector.com, the US national site selection portal, offers free data searches on every single community in the U.S. It's literally hours of fun, fascinating, useful research, right at your fingertips. Some interesting recent rankings we've recently run:


You see where I'm going with this? Try it out yourself on ZoomProspector.com. It's super easy and intuitive, but you can also see directions on this short explainer video. Click on Communities, and then enter your search criteria in the drop down menu on the top left. Don't forget to share your findings on social media, by clicking on the tab at the right-hand side of the ZoomProspector.com screen. 


As for the community that spends the most on hair care, that would be Atherton,CA (see their profile here). Did your community make the list?

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