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How to rank communities on ZoomProspector

One of the most popular features on Zoomprospector.com is the community ranking. It's a simple, effective way to crunch GIS data and generate engaging content.

Alissa Sklar
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on May 27, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

When we show people the all-new ZoomProspector.com, one of the most popular features is the community ranking. It's easy to see why people get excited about it, since it's such a simple way to crunch data and generate engaging content.In this video, I walk you through the easy steps for putting together your own community ranking, whether you want to use one of the hundreds of variables, or more than one. The results are mapped out with numbers, so you can click right through to the location of interest, or scroll down to see the results in thumbnail or list format.





You can choose to display the Top 10, 20 or more places matching your variables, or you can select the lowest ranked communities from the options below the map.


To see a sample of some interesting Community Rankings, check out these links below, then go and create your own rankings:


Community rankings are an endless source of great content for your economic development organization's social media feeds, newsletters, blogs and internal reports. Just click on "Share Results" for easy sharing or to copy the link. Generate your own community rankings and share them online. If you use our @ZoomProspector Twitter handle, we will retweet your post.


Community rankings are just one aspect of the all-new national site selection portal, ZoomProspector.com. To learn more about how you can use the tool for business location search, check out this video.To learn how your EDO can quickly set up your own Economic Development Organization Profile, click here


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