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What is an Economic Development Profile?

Economic Development Organization (EDO) Profiles ensure your community is found by businesses & site selectors seeking locations that meet their set of criteria

Alissa Sklar
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on June 01, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

One of the biggest challenges economic developers face is making sure their community is found by businesses and site selectors seeking locations that meet their set of criteria. This is precisely the goal of the newly available Economic Development Organization (EDO) Profiles on the U.S. national site selection portal, ZoomProspector.com


EDO Profiles function as engaging, visual and Google-friendly microsites for your community. They map your service territory, offer contact information and links to your website and social media channels, and allow you to paste descriptive text about your location, your key industry clusters, your demographics, labor force or unique GIS features - whatever you feel is important. The video below offers a quick tour of this brand new way to ensure your EDO turns up in business location searches.




EDO Profiles also feature engaging, interactive live infographics of key data about your area. These visuals tell an important story about the elements that define you, so businesses searching for the right place to locate can make sound decisions. 


You'll also notice that EDO Profiles allow you to include customizable tabs about whatever you'd like to highlight. You can format the text to match your branding or elements you'd like to highlight, add hyperlinks, and include images and video.


You can browse the list of Economic Development Organization Profiles here, or click on the following to see how some organizations have set up profiles to offer key business location data:


Setting up an EDO Profile couldn't be easier - our user-friendly setup wizard can have you up and running in five minutes. Check out this simple video to see how you can set up an EDO Profile for your organization. 

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