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Why spend hours writing RFI responses with old school GIS data tools? Use the new drag & drop proposal generator built into GIS Planning's ZoomProspector

Pablo Monzon
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on October 13, 2019
Pablo Monzon
Managing Director and Co-founder

If you're still spending long hours cobbling together responses to RFIs with old school GIS data tools, it's time to check out the newly updated proposal generator built into GIS Planning's ZoomProspector. Our intuitive drag and drop tool is the only one in the industry to let you build polished responses to RFIs directly from your GIS site selection data tool. This saves you countless hours of work while also increasing your win rate with an engaging, professional-looking document.


With the most advanced and innovative GIS data tool for economic developers, it comes as no surprise that GIS Planning has once again re-invented the proposal system built in to ZoomProspector. Creating a formal online proposal for site selection leads takes no more than a few minutes. It's as easy as 1-2-3:
  1. Save the properties into a folder in your ZoomProspector application,
  2. Export them to a proposal
  3. Presto! You have a proposal ready to go.
Of course, you can also customize your proposal with additional complementary pages, so feel free to add in personal touches such as welcome letters, statistics, a compelling Why Us? page or pages outlining information for specific industries. These additional pages can be saved and re-used in other new proposals. Users can attach as many documents as needed and then send it all together in one branded document as an online proposal. Sending your response to an RFI as a link is ideal, since it invites your prospective investor back to your website where they can learn more about your community. It's also possible to download the proposal as a PDF if you also want a static report.
ZoomProspector's online proposal format is already familiar to site selectors working with North American communities, since more than half of all US statewide economic development organizations, along with the majority of the top 100 metro areas in the U.S. and Canada are GIS Planning clients. 
Working with GIS Planning's online proposal generator is ideal for teams and groups of communities collaborating to submit properties and documents together. Forget about sending emails and PDFs back and forth or trying to build a common document together using Google Drive or Excel. GIS Planning's proposal generator is a complete management system to keep track of of all your proposals and projects.
The enormous time savings with the GIS Planning proposal generator can be realized in more than the just each individual RFI response - at the end of each quarter or fiscal year, you can easily and quickly create a report summary of all your submissions. Walk into your review or board meeting confident in the knowledge that you are fully prepared.
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