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More than half of all US states choose ZoomProspector

With 25 US state-wide economic development organization clients, we are proudly the industry's leading online GIS data tool for corporate site selection

Alissa Sklar
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on May 01, 2019
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

When GIS Planning first invented online corporate site selection data tools for economic development in 1998, it was no surprise that we were the industry leaders. It's hard not to be the best when you're the only one around. We're proud to say that in the 21 years since the very first ZoomProspector Enterprise hit the Internet, with competitors emerging and fading, we've always retained that industry leader position. As of this month, we are proud to say that more than half of all US statewide organizations choose GIS Planning for their online GIS data tools. We would like to welcome SC Power Team and the State of Kentucky to the GIS Planning family, along with another statewide organization soon to be announced. 


GISP state client listMore than 66% of Americans live in territories serviced by our technology. GIS Planning online data tools map the majority of the 100 largest metro areas in the US (and North America as a whole), as well as the majority of US geographic land area. We are proud to also count many Canadian economic development organizations among our clients as well. Since our acquisition by the Financial Times in 2017, we have also expanded our data tool offerings to service several counties in the UK (such as Locate in Kent, Marketing Derby and Invest in Warwickshire), the Murcia region of Spain, Bordeaux in France, the country of Switzerland, and others soon to officially launch. 


There are some great reasons all these international clients and 27 statewide departments of commerce, utilities, offices of the governor, and economic development organizations have done their research and chosen ZoomProspector Enterprise and our Intelligence Components to represent them online.

  • We are what's new: Our consistent innovation over the past twenty years has meant we consistently lead the pack with new data offerings, innovative analytical tools and user-friendly interfaces. We were first to market mobile-friendly versions of our online tools and first to offer data infographics. In January of this year, we launched a completely new version of our flagship location analysis tool, ZoomProspector Enterprise, still the newest and most innovative tool on the market. No other vendor can come close to matching our consistent pace of innovation.
  • True analysis and dynamic reporting: No other vendor comes close to offering the range of analytical tools and dynamic reporting. The market has spoken loud and clear - no one wants their data on static PDFs. Site selectors and businesses making location decisions visit our clients' data tools with very specific questions and they want to drill into the data with dynamic reports, radius, drive time, pinpoint and free draw tools. 
  • Analytics as actionable intelligence: GIS Planning clients love the ability to track which companies are visiting their online GIS data tools and see their search criteria, track which reports, properties and communities are viewed. That's the kind of marketing intel that offers a competitive advantage.
  • Customized property data solutions: Our client services team works with each client to determine the options and solutions to find the easiest ways to get properties automatically fed into your system. Strategic partnerships with services such as RealMassive and OfficeSpace and connections with regional, state and local brokerages mean we can help our clients do the heavy lifting of populating their property databases with reliable and up-to-date site listings. 
  • Unbeatable client and marketing support: Our clients know they can rely on us for timely answers to important questions, clear, helpful on-boarding and technical support. We offer a wide range of resource materials, marketing consultation and on-going thought leadership on how to best use our suite of GIS data tools for effective, strategic place marketing. 
  • We've earned your trust. Most of the GIS Planning team come from the field of economic development, not tech. We understand your specific needs and the needs of your website visitors. We've proven over and over for the last 21 years that we are reliable, expert, and committed to providing the very best in online corporate site selection data tools. You've seen us at your conferences, worn our t-shirts, enjoyed our epic parties, attended our presentations, and very likely shared a drink (or three) over the years. Our acquisition by the Financial Times and strategic initiatives with colleagues at fDi Intelligence add an entirely new level of expertise and promise of innovation. It also means that as part of the world's largest economic development services company, we offer unprecedented benefits and advantages of the many clients who choose to work with us. 

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