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3D renderings with GIS for economic development offers real innovation

Our clients have created more than 250 beautiful building simulations in their ZoomProspector tools since we launched the 3D rendering tool. Here are a few

Pablo Monzon
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on February 10, 2022
Pablo Monzon
Managing Director and Co-founder

3D rendering OhioThe beauty and advantage of having a 3D rendering tool truly integrated into your online GIS data tool means that you and your website visitors can create as many 3D models as you wish to better market your important properties.

Best of all, you can do it right in the user interface of your ZoomProspector. There is no need to rely on complex external software or expensive consultants who take time to generate them. Users can now create it in just a few clicks, customize their designs, save and easily share them. We're very proud that GIS Planning is the first company to offer this full integration of 3D renderings directly in your GIS system.

As excited as we were about this, we were pleased to see what a tremendous impact this has had for our economic development clients and their website users, including site selectors, investors and businesses making location decisions. Since our launch a few weeks ago, we've seen so many of them creating and sharing beautiful buildings themselves. In fact, we've seen more than 250 buildings that have been designed and modelled using GIS Planning's industry-leading ZoomProspector tool in just three weeks. That's a truly impressive number and shows just how much excitement this new feature has generated; it clearly adds a lot of value for investment attraction. 

Here are a whole number of examples created on our clients' ZoomProspector tools:

Rest assured that all designs can be viewed on your mobile phone as well. With 35-40% of our clients' web traffic coming from mobile devices, this is a critical element. Some economic development agencies are still only offering GIS layers and maps that can't be accessed from a smartphone. GIS Planning proudly ensures mobile versions include all layers, maps and now 3D renderings. Check out this link on your smartphone: https://siteselection.michiganbusiness.org/properties.html to see how easy it is to use for research and analysis.

When it comes to site selection, there is no question that a picture is worth more than 1,000 words. Your goal as an economic developer is to attract companies to your area; the 3D rendering feature helps them picture their potential investments in unique and compelling ways. Boost your marketing of any site by helping the site selector or business illustrate different building shapes, sizes and designs, since you can quickly and easily as many as you like. All of this incredible functionality at no added cost - the feature is automatically available for every property listed in ZoomProspector

Want to learn more about how ZoomProspector's 3D rendering feature can help drive investment to your community? Click below to reach our sales team and schedule your demo.

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