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Whose branding is on your data reports?

Whose logo and branding appear on your economic development GIS data reports? Is the name of your organization there? Ensure your reports promote your EDO

Alissa Sklar
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on November 20, 2019
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Put on your site selector hat for a moment. Or your "business looking for a location" hat. Now imagine you're visiting your own economic development website for the very first time. You're surfing your online GIS data tool, looking for the site or building that best fits your company's criteria. Open up a demographic or labor force report. 


your logo hereNow look closer. Which organization does this data report represent? Whose logo appears at the top or the bottom. 


If your logo isn't on the report, look more closely. Is the name of your organization printed anywhere? Is your contact information in the footer or header? Anything prominent and obvious that drives the reader back to you? 


If all you can find is the name and logo of some data or software company, you've got a potential problem on your hand. It's high time for an update.


Site selectors and businesses doing location searches look through a LOT of reports to make their shortlists. If your branding and logo don't appear on the reports for your city, county, town or region, you'll be easily overlooked. Reports get lost and shuffled around. You cannot afford to have any reports out there without your branding and contact information. 


The beautiful, polished data and property reports on GIS Planning's ZoomProspector viewer make it crystal clear which organization provided them (as you can see below). There is no chance at all for site selectors or business executives to have any confusion at all about how to get in touch. 


Best of all, all reports can be shared as live links directly back to your website (see here for example), so potential investors can research and analyze your location. If you're still wearing that site selector hat, you can see just how important it is that your organization's branding be front and center on all reports. It would be a real shame to get lost in the shuffle - after all, the investment you made in your online GIS data tool isn't there to promote a data or software company. It's there for the citizens hoping to increase prosperity in your community. They deserve to be represented.


Want to know how GIS Planning's ZoomProspector can drive investment to your location. Contact us for a free assessment and demo. 

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