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The Power of Links in Your Online GIS Data Tool

Today's digitally connected world requires you to be able to share links. Static PDFs frustrate recipients because they can't drill down and analyze.

Pablo Monzon
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on May 28, 2019
Pablo Monzon
Managing Director and Co-founder
Today's digitally connected world requires you to be able to share links. No one sends static PDFs anymore. Think about it: When you see a property in AirBnb that your friends would like, you send the link. When you share an interesting article with your friends, you send a link. In the market for a house? You send your significant other or your realtor a link to the properties you like. Your kids want a new game or piece of sporting equipment? More than likely, they'll send you the link to look at it or to order. You get the idea, whether it's a show, a sporting event, a good, a service or a big investment, we live in a world of links. 
Do you ever send a static PDF? Nope. Perhaps you sent PDFs 10 years ago but today, people find static data frustrating and old school. They want to look at reviews, questions asked, seating charts, pictures, details. They want dynamic data that can search and analyze.
Can you do this with your GIS system?
Given the clear advantages of sharing links over static PDFs, why would economic developers treat their investment prospects differently? Digitally connected organizations use links because they bring the user back to your website; once there, they can browse for more options or inform themselves more about the product or event. Links are powerful calls to action for economic developers seeking to engage prospects interested in expanding or relocating businesses to their region. You want to get them back to your website so they can learn more about your communities and your advantages. That just doesn't happen with a PDF.
The all-new, completely redesigned ZoomProspector Enterprise makes it possible to share links to properties, reports and even custom generated maps with GIS and thematic layers for thousands of variables. It's easier than ever to share all sorts of links promoting your advantages by email, text or social media.
Below is a sample email you could send to prospective investors making the most of these kinds of links:

Dear Prospect,
Here are the 4 properties that I recommend for your project. You can also see our community profile here. We know that is important for you to have an educated workforce so we thought you'd be interested to see this demographic report and heat map of people with bachelor degrees. You can also look at the occupations available within 20 miles of a selected property and a heat map of concentration of production occupations, all based on EMSI Data.
We also did a labor analysis for 50 miles around the property we recommended. You'll be interested to note on the following map that the property is in an opportunity zone, close to airport and universities. This other map shows you that there is DSL coverage too.
Here are the wages for the area and you can see that it's cheaper to hire computer programmers here than in other areas.
Here are also all the properties in Opportunity zones that you requested. In addition,I also found 7 sites in opportunity zones with more than 50 acres
We did a business analysis around the properties and here is the map and report of companies within 1 mile by industry sector
Finally you can see that other international companies have chosen to expand into our area.
We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about this data and these properties, and would be delighted to help arrange a familiarization tour on your upcoming visit. 
Your friendly economic development professional
*Incidentally, if you really do want a PDF for some specific reason, we make sure you can do that too, with a beautifully designed, professional looking document that outperforms anything competing vendors can offer (click here to check it out). 
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