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Creative new ZoomTours help promote our innovative clients

These are some of the creative new ZoomTours being used for place marketing, site selection, industry sectors and to attract film and video production.

Alissa Sklar
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on April 20, 2021
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

When we launched ZoomTour back in December, we recognized that our innovative clients would produce a wide variety of interactive online tours this unique new virtual tour building software. We have not been disappointed!

Client reviews of ZoomTour have been overwhelmingly positive. "ZoomTour was so easy to work with and a lot of fun," says Amber Shek, economic development specialist with the Greater Yuma Economic Development Commission (one of the tours featured below). 

“ZoomTour has been an excellent tool for us as we have had to find ways to showcase our region without our clients actually being able to travel to us," explains Andrew Golden, Marketing Director of North Eastern Strategic Alliance (NESA) in South Carolina. "This invaluable tool has allowed us to highlight our regional assets in a well put together package and give our clients the ability to explore our region from a distance.”

Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency, enjoyed the creative applications ZoomTour makes possible. "The ZoomTour software presents a new way for us to help EDOs organize the many types of content we create into self-guided tours. It was such a pleasure working with the GIS Planning team and the economic development team at Montgomery County, Ohio. We were able to combine written content, 360 video, 3D facility scans and GIS Planning's data together into a showcase familiarization tour for the region. "

Check out some of the creative new ZoomTours being used for different kinds of place marketing in the list below or on this website showcase page

Economic development & tourism - NESA's regional tour was the first one we promoted upon the launch of ZoomTour and it remains an excellent example of the power of ZoomTour to showcase regional assets, engage potential investors, and highlight tourism draws. Check it out here. 

Grapevine ZoomTourInvestment attraction - This engaging and comprehensive regional tour showcases the value proposition for Montgomery County, OH. Built for the county by Golden Shovel Agency as part of their larger marketing mix, this tour offers a compelling view of featured properties and developments of interest to site selectors and businesses making location decisions. Check it out here.

Site selection - The City of Grapevine (TX) put together a beautiful tour to offer visitors an overview of what their dynamic community has to offer potential investors. Check it out here. 

Attract film & video production - The City of Abbotsford, BC has an extensive track record as an ideal location with film and video production companies. Their Abbywood Walk of Fame Self-Guided Tour and Clayburn Village Filming & Parking Locations Tour both highlight area businesses and assets that can be used for production, along with links to film trailers and clips from past productions in those areas. Check them out here and here.

Feature target industry sectors - The Greater Yuma Economic Development Commission has built a beautiful tour to highlight anchor companies in their food processing and manufacturing sector. Potential investors can see how these companies are located across the region, visit their websites, see the Google street views of the facilities, etc. Notice that tour participants get contact info for the Greater Yuma EDC on every single stop along the way! Check it out here.

Greater Yuma AZ ZoomTour Sarah Farms

It's easy to create your own engaging themed virtual tours! Learn more about how ZoomTour can benefit your region - click on the link below to set up a demo.

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