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28 US Statewide EDOs have chosen ZoomProspector

An impressive 28 U.S. statewide economic development organizations have chosen ZoomProspector to help attract investment & create jobs in their states

Alissa Sklar
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on August 02, 2019
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

We're proud to announce that, as of last month, an impressive 28 U.S. statewide economic development organizations have chosen GIS Planning's ZoomProspector to help attract investment and create jobs in their respective states.


hands up majority rulesThat's 28 statewide organizations who researched GIS Planning and pitted ZoomProspector against products from competing vendors. More than half of all US  statewide organizations who looked at their options and weighed all this evidence and came to conclusion that ZoomProspector was the best choice to drive investment into their region. Keep an eye on this space to view their launch announcements in weeks to come.


Those 28 statewide applications of ZoomProspector are in addition to the majority of the 100 biggest metro areas in the U.S. and Canada and more than 13,000 communities from large to small work with the industry's leading online GIS tool for corporate site selection. More than 66% of Americans live in territory serviced by GIS Planning. We're also welcoming new clients outside North America, across the UK, in the Bordeaux region of France, Murcia in Spain, Switzerland, and other European cities launching in coming months.


We're proud to say that we consistently add more new clients each month than all of the other GIS data tool vendors combined. 


twenty eightWhy are they choosing ZoomProspector? 

  • Unparalleled user-friendly research and analysis of corporate site selection data
  • ZoomProspector retains all its functionality in the mobile version
  • Dynamic reporting that keeps visitors on their websites instead of sending them off to old-school static PDFs
  • Lead Gen ID analytics that tell them which companies are visiting their website, what criteria they are searching and what reports they have viewed
  • Intuitive, polished, and engaging user interface and reports
  • Infographics and thematic data heat maps to visualize complex data
  • Data analysis and reports that are easy to share via email, social media or as custom share links that draw visitors back to your website
  • Save properties and reports to multiple, custom-named folders
  • Option to add 7 years of greenfield FDI data
  • Consistent innovation
  • Top-tier client and marketing support
  • And much, much more!


Interested in learning more about how ZoomProspector can assist corporate site selection in your location? Click below to learn more.

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