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ZoomProspector now offers 3D views

You can now view maps in high-density areas in beautiful 3D on Zoomprospector Enterprise applications. The image below, taken from our newly redesigned ZoomProspector Enterprise interface of the Beacon Council (FL) GIS tool, invites the website visitor to walk right into the cityscape. 


Beacon New ZoomProspector Enterprise 3D


This very engaging imagery makes it easier for site selectors and businesses making location decisions to view properties from different angles and familiarize themselves with the terrain in completely new ways. Take compelling screenshots to use in your marketing3D mapping is available in areas where Google has sufficiently dense imagery, which means some more rural and smaller suburban areas may not yet be able to zoom in this closely. 


To view an image in 3D, zoom in on the map using the plus (+) arrow in the bottom right of your map on current ZoomProspector enterprise implementations, then click on "Hybrid" in the upper right hand on your map. As you zoom in, an icon with 4 dots will appear above the yellow Google person streetview icon (did you know this one is called "Pegman" by those in the know? Now you do!). Click on the icon with the four dots and enjoy the beautiful three dimensional imagery. Check out the image below to see where those two buttons are located.


Try it yourself by clicking on the image of MiamiDadeSites.com below, or visit your own application to give it a whirl. Have any cool 3D images to share? Tweet us @ZoomProspector with the #ZPE3D hashtag.


MiamiDadeSites.com 3D