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Xceligent may be gone but we've got solutions

Xceligent has closed its doors, leaving many economic development organizations in the lurch but we've got solutions for your sites and buildings listings.

Alissa Sklar
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on December 20, 2017
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing
As many of you may have heard, Xceligent declared bankruptcy and shut down operations as of last week. GIS Planning, owned by the Financial Times (Nikkei Inc.) is here to offer solutions. As the leading provider of online data tools for economic development, we offer a new generation of robust, mobile-friendly products.
As the second largest purveyor of commercial real estate listings in the U.S., Xceligent's closing left many economic developers stranded. We have a variety of options to get your organization back on track for investment attraction as quickly as possible with ZoomProspector Enterprise and our suite of 6 standalone data tools, known as Intelligence Components. These award-winning tools offer affordable, user-friendly alternatives for your online GIS data and property database, with more options for integrating real estate listings than any software vendor in the industry. See a live property report here, complete six robust reports that allow businesses making location decisions to fully research, analyze, visualize and share information.
Ensure your economic development data tools are smart enough to reflect the many qualities that make your community attractive for investment. Check out some of the clients using our data tools on our turnkey microsite templates:
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