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Why rural EDOs choose ZoomProspector

GIS Planning's top-ranked ZoomProspector GIS site selection software has always been the leading online tool for rural economic development. Here's why.

Alissa Sklar
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on July 25, 2022
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

From agriculture to tourism, forestry to manufacturing, rural communities bring their own specific perspectives to economic development. They are proud to promote their unique value propositions, including quality of life advantages, natural beauty, commuter options to larger urban centers but with more affordable housing and amenities, safe, family-friendly environments and a laid-back pace of life. We're proud that GIS Planning's top-ranked ZoomProspector GIS site selection software has remained the leading online tool for rural economic developers since we disrupted the industry nearly 25 years ago.

Rural economic development organizations have remained a core part of our business all this time for a number of reasons:

  • Indiana County ZPE closeup mapRural EDOs can take full advantage of our robust, fully featured ZoomProspector tool and not a stripped-down "lite" version. After all, rural EDOs may be small but we know they are powerful drivers of their regional economies, the economic lifeblood of the nation. They deserve the same attention and opportunities as bigger and more urban locations, oriented to their specific needs.
  • Economic developers in smaller organizations benefit from our hands-on dedicated client services and marketing support. Small staff? No problem! We are here to help you get the maximum value out of your ZoomProspector tool. 
  • Affordable pricing for small and rural organizations puts the full power of ZoomProspector to work for you. Because we index pricing to population size, you don't need to make do with a watered-down or second-rate "lite" application that sacrifices features, data and functionality. 
  • Rural organizations appreciate the consistent innovation that has kept ZoomProspector at the cutting edge of digital site selection and business support. Our in-house development team and impressive R&D commitment mean GIS Planning always leads the way. When I work one-on-one with any one of our small or rural clients, I insist that one's small brick-and-mortar size need not limit your digital presence. A combination of creativity and our proven best practices guidelines can help ensure your location can still capture the attention of businesses making location decisions.
  • Like all economic development organizations, rural EDOs appreciate the same features and functionality that have made GIS Planning the top-ranked GIS site selection software provider for locations of all sizes: beautiful, intuitive user interface, the ability to draw, save and share 3D renderings, side-by-side property comparison, 360° virtual flyovers for every property, daily updated business and industry data, Lead Gen ID analytics that enable you to see what companies are searching your website, fully feature mobile-friendly design, and so much more. 

Join us for a free webinar Monday, Sept. 19th (1:30 p.m. EDT/ 10:30 am PDT) on Rethinking Rural Economic Development. I will welcome guests Terry Burroughs, board chair at FHERO (Florida's Heartland Region of Opportunity), Rayna Teicheira, economic development director at the City of Navasota (TX) and others from across the US and Canada. Click here to register.

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