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What is dynamic property search anyway?

In a webinar the other day, I was explaining some of the brand new GIS Planning ZoomProspector features and I mentioned "Dynamic Property Search." One of our attendees asked what that meant. Great question!

Dynamic searching is best practices design for online data tools. It means our tools adjust results on the fly as users input criteria. This is tremendously helpful because it keeps your website visitors (site selectors, businesses making location decisions, existing businesses and other stakeholders) engaged. It also means search criteria calculate and offer results faster. All of this helps lower bounce rates and ensure your website visitors are able to access the data they need as quickly and easily as possible. 

 Dynamic property search GIS data

Data tools with dynamic searching are also helpful because they help users understand and see at a glance the consequences of each added criteria. This is smart searching and it makes location searches far easier and more logical.


Let me give you an example. On the state of Connecticut's CERC SiteFinder ZoomProspector tool, the site loaded up for me to show 2400 total properties. When I clicked on the All Properties dropdown tab at the top and selected Buildings, the result changed to 1916 properties. When I selected only those buildings for sale from the Sale / Lease tab, the number changed to 753. When I opened More Filters and selected Opportunity Zone, I ended up with 92 results. I then went to the Location tab at the top left and chose to search in the city of Hartford, which gave me 13 properties that matched all of these criteria. I can remove any one of these and see the results adjust instantly below. You can see the results in the image above.


You can see our dynamic property searching at work in this short feature video.


New GIS Planning ZoomProspector dynamic property search from GIS Planning on Vimeo.


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