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We know economic development because many team members were EDO pros themselves. This expertise & technical work done in-house means clients win every time

Stevie Field-Chavez
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on September 13, 2022
Stevie Field-Chavez
Vice President of Regional Sales

They say that one should be flattered when others copy your work. We get it... and truly, we are flattered! That's to be expected when you are the consistent leader in innovation and the #1 choice of economic development professionals for 25 years.

Over that time, we have seen many competitors come and go with pale imitations. The EDOs who decide to try their software inevitably come back to ZoomProspector, dissatisfied with poor website traffic, confusing user interfaces, slow turnaround times and lack of any consistent innovation. 

walked in your shoesIn fact, this simple fact is why we actively encourage all prospective GIS Planning clients to compare our software side-by-side with competitors. It very quickly becomes clear where others scramble to earn your business based on falsehoods. There is a reason they spend SO MUCH time researching our features, watching our product videos, and studying closely what we are doing that appeals to so many. But imitation just can't compete with innovation - it's always a few steps behind. We've chosen to focus on bringing you truly leading-edge features, such as the new side-by-side property comparison, draw, design & share 3D renderings for any property report (more than 1,500 3D renderings created across our clients' GIS Planning tools since we launched the feature months ago), the continuous improvements made to our hugely popular online proposal generator and much more.

There is a reason we have an entire GIS Planning team to help you succeed. We aren't "offshoring" or outsourcing our development. The majority of our team members have been with GIS Planning for 10+ years and three of us are former clients!!! We know your shoes because we have walked in them.

We invite you to compare your options and the applications in action. When you are swayed with ESRI data, know that ESRI has a justified, excellent reputation for their software. That's because they are in fact, a software company, NOT a data company. Most of their data is purchased from the same sources as ours, but we go directly to the data vendor so we can brand it with our clients' information (logo, etc.). Your site selectors and prospective investors get to see your branding on the reports you send. We can also easily incorporate any local data points our clients need.

GIS Planning uses ESRI map layers. We know they are the best. But, we've chosen to use Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc. for our demographic, consumer expenditure and labor force data. Why? Because Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc. is a DATA company, whose entire reputation is built on the excellence and integrity of the data they offer.

For 25 years, we've promised - and delivered - on giving you the best GIS data site selection software in the industry.

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