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Webinar: 10 "musts" of econdev data

How much do you know about the ins and outs of economic development data? How well does your organization stack up when it comes to providing essential information in user-friendly ways? How easy is it for your own staff to access quick, reliable, exportable data for business cases and RFPs? 

big data economic development

Access the on-demand video recording of this webinar on the 10 "musts" of economic development data. We promise plenty of practical takeaways and a solid overview of what constitutes top tier data.


Co-presented by myself and Chris Knight, Global Commercial Director for fDi Intelligence, this free webinar will outline the 10 "musts" for presenting your data effectively. Take advantage of these practical tips and examples to ensure your location has the best shot at making those important shortlists. 

We will look at: 

  • Sourcing top-quality data for internal strategy and decision-making
  • Effective ways to build data into your website
  • Making data visual 
  • What makes data robust 
  • Tailoring online data to mobile users
  • How to use data to tell the story of your location 
  • Much, much more


Access the on-demand video recording of this webinar by clicking here.