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Virtual Road Trip with Stevie: Ice storm in OKC through TX and into NM

We were going to be driving through rough weather from the outer band of Hurricane Zeta. Rain turned to ice as we crossed into Oklahoma.

Stevie Field-Chavez
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on October 30, 2020
Stevie Field-Chavez
Vice President of Regional Sales

We headed out early because we knew we had a big driving day ahead of us. Starting with a Hurt Donut is my kind of Wednesday! It started to rain and it turned out, we were going to be driving through rough weather from the outer band of Hurricane Zeta. Rain turned to ice as we crossed into Oklahoma. It was both beautiful and heartbreaking to see the ice. It looked like Christmas but then you see that trees are literally breaking from the weight of the ice.

I love OKC and hated that we had to just drive through. My mom was born just outside of the City and so it is a special place for our family.  Five years ago, for my mom and dad's 50th anniversary, we brought them to OKC for a Thunder game!  We loved and highly recommend the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. I also encourage a visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. Bring tissue because you. will. cry. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber has been an amazing client and sending some GIS Planning love! 

Stevie virtual tripWe saw car wreck after car wreck on our drive through the ice storm. James actually had to call 911 for a car that was off in the trees! A firetruck and police car was about one mile up helping another stranded traveler and we pulled over the police was so fast to leave helping someone else, we didn't catch him.  So, 911 said they would dispatch someone right away to help. Slow and steady was the drive through with ice getting heavier and accumulating more. We even saw two boats... with no cars attached to them in two different states over the course of that long day. I can only guess the weight of the boat might have been too much in the ice.   

IMG_3204When we crossed into Texas the ice turned into snow. There we saw several semi trucks that had jack-knifed or slid off the roads. I don't think we exhaled for 10 hours. Driving into Amarillo! Sending a big hello to Amarillo EDC!  We love stopping in Amarillo! You can't go wrong with a Coyote Bluff Cafe burger. One of the best!  You can feel the big Texas love here and I never feel I have enough time in Texas. 

traffic jam

Finally, crossing into New Mexico, the snow subsided with cloudy but dry weather. Until... the two hour dead-stop traffic jam! Our 12 hour day turned into a 15 hour day in the car, with us fuelled only on donuts and a salad.

Wahoo! We are here in Albuquerque! Our stop until Saturday when I hit the road solo headed to Southern California!  A special shout out to Danielle Casey, who is the new CEO for Albuquerque Economic Development!  She has been a special friend and client of GIS Planning for years! I wish I could stop in and visit, but next time for sure. I'm curious, red chili, green or Christmas?! Congratulations on your new role, Danielle!  I know you will do great things!