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Virtual Road Trip: Follow Stevie Field-Chavez Across the US

Headed to California from South Carolina to meet my soon-to-be-born grandson! Join me as we travel by road across the country and back.

Stevie Field-Chavez
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on October 28, 2020
Stevie Field-Chavez
Vice President of Regional Sales

My daughter, Jenn and son in law, Tom, are expecting their first baby on November 3rd. The challenge? They live in Southern California and I live in South Carolina!  With baby Ezra due soon, I had to figure out how to get to them. Her doctor said if I flew, upon arrival I would need to quarantine for 10 days before I could see them. So... ROAD TRIP! Join me as we travel across the country (and back!)  I hope to drive through your state and welcome any suggestions on places to stop!


Let the road trip begin! Cali bound from SC. New grand baby on the way! Will be posting my adventure as it unfolds. @James_A_Chavez is with me to Albuquerque then I’m on my own. How many client cities will we drive through?

collage stevie

Funny how I've come to look at states & communities through an economic development lens! Crossing through Georgia and into Alabama is hungry work! Lucky we got to stop at the Smokin' Pig yesterday for a delicious lunch.

Road trip Stevie

Just because we're on the road doesn't mean work stops! Got to check in with some amazing people at the NCEDA Fall Conference. GIS Planning is a proud NCEDA sponsor again for 2020. A stop at the famous Hurts Donut Company in Little Rock, AR was just what we needed to power onwards.

Stevie Hurts Donuts