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Video compilation from an epic #econdev party

It's not quite Thanksgiving in the U.S. just yet (although we celebrated here in Canada a little over a week ago), but we wanted to let our clients, colleagues and friends know just how thankful we are to know all of you.


We know you choose us because we offer what are consistently the best online GIS data tools in economic development. You choose ZoomProspector Enterprise, our Intelligence Components and our turnkey microsites because they allow you to offer your website visitors and potential investors robust data in compelling, easy-to-analyze formats. You attend our webinars, our conference presentations, follow our social media channels, and read our blogs because we work hard to offer the high-quality expertise and thought leadership you've come to expect. Because of you, more than 65% of Americans live in communities serviced by our technologies, as well as all Canadians, residents of Switzerland, areas of the UK and Spain (with more coming soon).


We're thrilled about that, and it's a privilege to have earned your trust to remain, far and away, the industry's leading choice of online economic development software for all the right reasons. But we also like to think you enjoy hanging out with us at conferences because we throw some pretty epic parties.


If you attended this year's IEDC Annual Conference in Atlanta, perhaps you got a chance to attend the amazing blowout event we co-sponsored with fDi Intelligence, Wavteq and RCI at GameX. Below is a brief compilation of some of the highlights from a fantastic night of celebration with the people we feel fortunate to work with every day. See yourself in any of the shots? Tweet us @GISPlanning to let us know.