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Offer drone and virtual site video in proposals and on ZoomProspector

New! ZoomProspector has long supported video in property listings; now clients can feature drone and virtual site visits in our popular proposal generator 

Alissa Sklar
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on June 04, 2020
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Offering virtual tours and video to site selectors and companies making location decisions is more critical than ever during the COVID-19 recovery phase. Luckily, integrating video into ZoomProspector for comprehensive virtual site visits is something we've made easy to do for years. We're really excited to announce that clients can now also feature live video in polished online proposals with our popular proposal generator. 

This new live video feature for proposal generators is a game-changing update to the proposal builder that already has so many economic developers excited. Our clients tell us that they love the ability to drag and drop properties into the online tool, collaborate virtually in real time with colleagues, insert saved pages with marketing materials, and make updates to the live document as needed - even after it's been sent to prospective investors. (Click here for a live video tour of the proposal generator). This new addition of live, embedded video makes the online proposal even more dynamic and vital for today's fast-paced investment context. We're proud to add that we are the only GIS data mapping vendor for economic development that offers this easy-to-use drag and drop live proposal generator option. 

"GIS Planning’s technology enables our team to submit the kind of proposals that are expected in 2020," explains Ashlin Webster, marketing analyst economic development for Duke Energy. "Having drone videos of sites highlighted and easy to access along with other site details will save a client time. It’s as if the client is stepping foot into each community for a few minutes as they see each video”.

Duke Energy video proposal generator exampleDuke video proposal generator example

The incorporation of video has long been one of the best ways for economic developers and commercial realtors to generate interest in their sites and buildings listings. GIS Planning was an early leader here, with many competitors still only offering clients static, old school PDFs. Adding video to ZoomProspector listings is a simple process from the site listing form.

We've long encouraged brokers and economic developers to include visual media because there's plenty of evidence to show it can dramatically boost interest and engagement with prospects. Check out an example in a property listing from the Town of Marana (AZ)'s SelectMarana.com website (click on the image below to see that specific property).

Marana property with video

Some of our clients have also incorporated video into their GIS data microsites, creating home pages that are immediately compelling and attention-getting. I particularly like this example from Grapevine, TX. Check it out to see how the video helps the imagery pop on the website.

Want to know more about using video of all kinds in your live proposals and sites and building listings? Schedule a demo today to see how ZoomProspector can support businesses and attract investment to your region.

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