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Using data to drive more leads to commercial brokers

Online data tools can offer huge benefits to commercial realtors, by widening their reach and enabling prospects to qualify themselves with research.

Alissa Sklar
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on February 28, 2020
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Commercial real estate is about so much more than just connecting businesses with sites and buildings. Before any company or organization makes a decision on a new location, they're making a whole series of calculations about workforce, demographics, supply chain, transportation, clientele, tax incentives, competitors, cost of living, and much more. However, it's not always clear to them where to source this data, how to present it to prospects or how to share it. That's where GIS Planning online data tools for corporate site selection can help.

ZoomProspector, our flagship software, has been the industry's leading tool for corporate site selection for 22 years. That's back when we talked about VHS video instead of drone video, when online research took weeks instead of seconds. GIS Planning disrupted the face of commercial real estate forever by making data easy for anyone to access, visual, interactive, and freely available to investors and businesses making location decisions. Despite that, in some regions, ZoomProspector is still known far better by economic developers and site selectors than by brokers themselves. That's a shame because beautiful, reliable data offers benefits to everyone involved.

Here's what commercial brokers need to know about how online data tools can help them close more deals:

Make business location searching easy

ZoomProspector works by aggregating a commercial, industrial, office and retail property database with thousands and thousands of searchable data points on demographics, labor force, wages, business, talent, GIS, and more. Best of all, our user-friendly, mobile-responsive data interface makes complex research and analysis easy enough for anyone to do. It's extremely visual and uses mapping, infographics, graphs and charts to help businesses see available properties more easily so they can choose their optimal location.

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Drive more leads your way

More than 66% of Americans live in regions services by our software. Twenty-eight U.S. statewide economic development organizations have chosen ZoomProspector, along with the majority of the 100 largest metro areas in North America, and more than 14,000 other towns, counties and regions small and large. All of these organizations feature the available inventory of properties - some of them may be yours. They are making it easier for informed buyers, renters and lessees to reach brokers directly. 

Site selectors and businesses from around the world are searching through these properties 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They come to economic development websites to do this specifically because they know this critical and extensive site selection data is there for them to analyze, unlike on conventional real estate databases. Each property report features a built in form that allows those leads to contact listing agents directly from the report. 


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Generate more traffic to your listings with less effort

The vast majority of GIS Planning clients update their commercial real estate inventory using automated data feeds of different kinds, so once they are set up, they run without any additional effort from realtors or economic development staff. That makes realtors' work more efficient. Our Client Services team works with each client to find the data feed solution that works best for them. Some use listing services such as RealMassive, OfficeSpace.com or Spacelist, others arrange RETS feeds or regular data imports from multiple listing services or brokerages. The feed refreshes regularly to ensure listings are kept up-to-date. Many also retain the option of manual entry and editing but that is far less common with so many great options available. 

Shorten your sales cycle

Leads who come to your already qualified mean less work, less time, less stress. ZoomProspector is an invaluable tool for commercial realtors who wish to help leads learn more about the value proposition of a site or building. you have thousands and thousands of data points at your fingertips, ready to search, export and share. We've had many clients explains that easy access to all of this robust data in easy to share formats is like having extra staff who never take breaks or vacations. It makes your jobs easier. It makes your prospects' searches easier. It makes answers to important questions easier to find.

Build rapport with your economic development office

The hard working men and women in economic development are very good friends for realtors. They often know of potential new leads and prospective investors before anyone else in the region and can facilitate introductions to local realtors. The analytics behind ZoomProspector allows them to see which companies are on their website searching for what sort of office, retail location, site or office before they reach out by phone or email. They can assist with research support to help you build the case for certain properties, and can help the new or relocating business with other aspects of their move.

Interested in learning more about putting ZoomProspector to work for your commercial listings? Get in touch today.

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