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Updated design on ZoomProspector Enterprise

Check out the updates to your ZoomProspector Enterprise online location analysis tool, including redesigned property reports, cleaner design for saving properties and businesses in folders, and easier access to map drawing tools for analysis.

Alissa Sklar
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on June 08, 2018
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing
If you noticed our ZoomProspector Enterprise applications look different today, you're 100% right.
Starting today, we are rolling out the updated version with some key changes to enhance your website visitors' experience, making it even easier to navigate. See them live on the JobsOhio, Miami Dade/ Beacon Council and State of Texas websites. The changes included in this release:
  • Display - Clients can customize branding with primary and secondary colors.
  • Search Results - These will now cover multiple rows (clients can define how many rows to include on the page).  This will allow more properties to be displayed per page and on the map, and appear in a more readable format.
  • Map Tools - We have now opened up these tool options just above the map to capture users' attention. This tool bar can be closed and reopened by users by clicking on the Map Tools button.
  • Reports - The property reports have been redesigned for a cleaner, more elegant look on the page.  This improved design is also evident in the exportable PDFs of all property reports.
  • Save Properties - Click on the hearts to instantly save properties. We have also renamed the "My Folder" button to "My Saved Results" for clarity and moved it down to the search results.
We are committed to constantly innovating to provide our clients and their website visitors the very best in online site selection and GIS data tools. This is the reason 6 out of 10 Americans and 100% of Canadians live in territories serviced by our technology, including 24 statewide departments of commerce and the majority of the 100 largest metro areas in North America. Learn more about how ZoomProspector Enterprise can drive investment to your location. Click on the link below to set up a customized demo for your community.
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