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We are thankful

thank you noteIn the days leading up to Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we at GIS Planning have been reflecting on our many reasons to feel thankful. We feel fortunate to have so many.


We are thankful for all of your efforts towards building prosperity and enhanced quality of life in your communities. In doing so, you help make our world a better place. Even if not every one around you understands what economic developers actually do, we know they've felt a positive impact from your tireless efforts on their behalf.


We are so grateful for our wonderful and ever-growing list of clients, our fantastic team, our new colleagues at the Financial Times, and our friends and acquaintances from  across the USA, Canada, and around the world. We learn from you all the time. We appreciate your friendship, your insights, and the smiles we get to exchange at conferences and gatherings throughout the year. 


For all of this, we are thankful. 


We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! 


The GIS Planning Team