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Switzerland 1st country to launch suite of nationwide GIS Planning data tools

Switzerland is the first country to implement our suite of GIS tools with nationwide data. The Switzerland Business Navigator invites website visitors to analyze customized maps, drill into demographic, business, consumer spending & workforce data, compare communities and more.

Alissa Sklar
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on September 13, 2018
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

How many biotech companies are there in Switzerland? Where are the strongest MEM clusters located? In which regions can recruiters find Japanese-speaking talent? The newly developed Switzerland Business Navigator helps companies interested in Switzerland as a business location research and analyze economic and demographic data about the country and its regions. This information facilitates finding the location that best meets their criteria. Switzerland is the first country to implement the GIS-based platform with nationwide data.


The Switzerland Business Navigator is an interactive online application, based on Geographic Information System (GIS) software developed by GIS Planning Inc., a service from the Financial Times Group Ltd. It can be accessed directly at s-ge.com/business-navigator. Website visitors can analyze customized maps, drill into demographic, business, consumer spending, and workforce data, compare communities, and view key data in a community profile infographic for different regions, cantons, districts and municipalities. 



Anatalio Ubalde, co-managing director and co-founder of GIS Planning Inc, explains: "Market research shows the vast majority of companies and site selectors research locations online, often before contacting investment promotion agencies. We are proud to launch the very first country-wide system using this technology for Switzerland Global Enterprise website. It ensures the country is open for investment 24 hours a day.”


Switzerland is among the most competitive economies worldwide (WEF Global Competitive Report). The country is a strong magnet for companies around the globe who want to target and expand their European or specifically Swiss market and profit from favorable conditions: strong innovation and technology, easy access to foreign markets thanks to over 40 Free Trade Agreements, an outstanding and reliable infrastructure, a stable and liberal labor and political system, as well as availability of highly qualified talents. In the decision-making process for a new production site, research and development center or a European Headquarters, researching and analyzing data is key.


Visualized data makes it easy to compare
“Our Business Navigator helps investors to gain a complete and thorough overview of economic and demographic data of Switzerland,” explains Patrik Wermelinger, Head of Investment Promotion and Member of the Board of Executive Committee at Switzerland Global Enterprise.

Existing or prospective business owners and entrepreneurs can research, analyze and export regional data on demographics, consumer income, labor force, business, industry, GDP, corporate taxes, average market prices for real estate, infrastructure, and other key selection criteria. Since so much of this research happens online, it's critical to ensure comparable information is available whenever investors want.

Mapping_SwitzerlandInterested businesses can easily access the interactive map online and get customized data reports free of charge with only a few clicks.


“The main advantage is that the provided data can be compared on different geographical levels. The huge amount of collected data about Switzerland can be visualized at a glance – an important aspect in times of big data,” stresses Wermelinger. 


About Switzerland Global Enterprise
Switzerland Global Enterprise guides your business on the path to new markets. On behalf of the Swiss Confederation and the Swiss cantons, we are happy to help your business to come and grow in Switzerland. For more information, visit s-ge.com/invest or visit the page below to choose specialized information for visitors from your respective country: s-ge.com/swiss-business-hubs


You can visit the GIS location analysis tool by clicking here

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