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Property Database Solutions for Econ Dev Websites

With the closing of Xceligent, GIS Planning has worked hard to offer clients best-in-class property data options for their online commercial and industrial real estate listings. We are proud to provide a variety of customized solutions to match each client's needs, including Catylist and RealMassive

Alissa Sklar
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on March 02, 2018
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

When it comes to sites and buildings databases, different economic development organizations have different needs. States and provinces may draw from large geographic areas served by many different kinds of brokerages and listing services. Communities on the west coast have different needs and different options from those in the east or midwest. 


It's pretty clear that a cookie cutter approach won't work.


search properties databaseWith the closing of Xceligent in December 2017, our clients asked us to help them source new data options for their online commercial and industrial real estate listings. As the gold standard in GIS location analysis software, GIS Planning is well aware each community deserves a comprehensive approach to the best possible databases.


Committed to ensuring a seamless flow of data to our clients, we have therefore established strategic alliances with best-in-class listing services, including Catylist and RealMassive, to offer the ideal customized property data feed options for each and every one of our hundreds of clients across the U.S. and Canada. These include office, industrial, retail, and commercial sites and properties. 


We are available to discuss these options with anyone interested in sourcing the very best solutions for their property data. Existing clients can schedule time to speak with Client Services Director Jeff Suneson by clicking here. New to GIS Planning? Contact our sales team to explore different options for your community. 


Join us Tuesday, March 20th, 1-1:30 PM Eastern/ 10-10:30 AM Pacific for a free 30-minute webinar to review different options, including syndication services, commercial real estate exchanges, state databases, multiple listing services and boards of realtors available to offer the best possible solution for each community. Participants will be invited to ask questions in a Q&A after the presentation.

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