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Powerful new data web tool promotes Mount Pearl (Canada) to investors

Finding the best location for your business in eastern Newfoundland is easier than ever, thanks to the City of Mount Pearl's powerful new data mapping tool

Alissa Sklar
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on March 22, 2022
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Mount Pearl propertyMount Pearl (NFLD) - Finding the best location for your business in eastern Newfoundland (Canada) is now much easier to do, thanks to the City of Mount Pearl's powerful new data mapping tool.

The user-friendly interactive tool combines robust location, demographic, business, and economic data to serve as a primary resource for business recruitment, expansion, and retention. It is powered by GIS Planning's industry-leading ZoomProspector software. It's complemented by four additional interactive data tools on different web pages, to help users research, analyze and share key data.

“Our city boasts plenty of available sites and premises to give investors the best location, tailored to their business needs. From existing parks to planned developments, there’s somewhere in Mount Pearl for all sorts of industry and this interactive tool makes it easy to find what you’re looking for” said Jeremy Schwartz, Marketing and Economic Development Officer, The City of Mount Pearl. “Not only does this site allow you to easily find a property, but it also has a comprehensive community profile for economic, demographic, and community data to justify your upgrade.”

The ZoomProspector location analysis tool and various interactive data tools can be found on the city's new web resource is not just a searchable properties database - it's also an intuitive, robust location analysis tool. City officials, businesses, listing agents and other community stakeholders can take advantage of this user-friendly building and sites database to promote available properties in the region while also featuring key data on variables such as consumer spending, labour force and demographics.

The City of Mount Pearl web tool couples these listings and layers with additional proprietary data sources like Environics Analytics (using Statistics Canada data and projections), Emsi, and DataAxle (formerly InfoGroup Canada). Some key unique features include:

  • DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS: Visitors can research labour force, population, educational levels and even employee types by distance or radius from a selected property, or even a pin on the map and export the information in ready-to-go reports. 
  • BUSINESS REPORTS: The business database can help identify industry clusters and potential customers, competitors and suppliers. An excellent resource as well for retail site locations around the city.
  • COMMUNITY PROFILE: Community-specific data sets can be seen for the city, with information on transportation resources, consumer spending, as well as quality of life amenities like housing costs.

Mount Pearl talent croppedABOUT THE CITY OF MOUNT PEARL Incorporated in 1988, Mount Pearl is a young city. Our 30-year history has been shaped by strong leadership, robust service delivery, a vibrant economic base and most importantly, a community that shares our passion and commitment to this city. The community is actively engaged with a strong sense of home. It is a recognized leader in effective governance and innovation and has taken a well-managed and balanced approach to development. The City of Mount Pearl prides itself on superior services, with critical investments made in key programs and infrastructure, particularly in recreation. You can visit the city website here

To learn more about business expansion or relocation opportunities in the City of Mount Pearl, please contact:

Jeremy Schwartz
Marketing and Economic Development Officer
City of Mount Pearl
Visit investinmountpearl.ca

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