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Power up! fDi tools drive investment to your location

Using data strategically gives locations a competitive advantage. This upcoming webinar offers an overview of data tools for investment promotion.

Alissa Sklar
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on February 28, 2017
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Using data strategically gives locations a competitive advantage. That means taking advantage of powerful tools to build investment strategy internally, clarify objectives and targets, and then ensure decision makers can access and analyze key data online when the time comes to put together those shortlists.


When GIS Planning was acquired by the Financial Times at the beginning of 2017, we knew this meant good things for our clients, because we now had the power of the world's largest financial company behind us. This meant more data and more access to decision makers for our clients, but it also made ZoomProspector Enterprise part of fDi Intelligence's unparalleled suite of online data tools for economic development. 


Join us Tuesday, March 28th (1 p.m. EST, 10 a.m. PST) for an introductory overview of two critical data tools designed to give your location the edge when it comes to investment promotion.Chris Knight, Global Commercial Director for fDi Intelligence, and Russell Riblett, Vice President of Sales for GIS Planning, will show you how you can identify target investors for key markets, develop your promotion strategy using real time data, and ensure your key data is available online for site selectors and businesses looking to make successful location decisions.


Perpective laptop fdi Markets economic development datafDi Markets is the most comprehensive service tracking crossborder greenfield investment across all countries and all sectors worldwide.

  • Identify target investors for your key markets
  • Profile companies within your target sectors
  • Receive early warning indicators that a company may be expanding 
  • Understand key FDI trends in markets and sectors


ZoomProspector Enterprise
is the customized web application that maps and visualizes comprehensive data about your community for businesses making location decisions.Perpective laptop ZoomProspector Enterprise economic development data

  • Carry out site and building searches based on specific criteria (e.g. office, industrial, vacant land, etc.)
  • Analyze fully integrated reports, including site and community-specific demographic, business, labor force, consumer spending, wage, talent pool and GIS data
  • Search and export data based on user-defined distances, using radius, polygon, pinpoint and drive time
  • Save selected properties into a folder for further analysis, and share high-quality reports

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