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The new ZoomTour makes using virtual tours easier than ever for EDOs

ZoomTour makes it easy and affordable to add compelling digital storytelling to your website, social media, presentations, reports, RFP responses & more

Alissa Sklar
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on January 18, 2023
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

The very first challenge in place marketing is crafting compelling, effective digital content quickly and on a budget. Sounds like the impossible dream, right? Well, it's not. The newly redesigned ZoomTour makes it easier than ever to put together as many tours as you'd like on your chosen themes. This is effective digital storytelling made accessible to all.

Hutto Texas ZoomTour eat and drink

Yes, you. 

Not a graphics designer or marketing specialist.

Not an agency that might take forever and gobble up your budget.

The new ZoomTour is designed to be easy to use for anyone and everyone, without any need for training. It's so fast and fun to do that you can put together multiple tours to drive more qualified leads back to your website. It's the easiest, most affordable way to add creative new content to your website, jazz up your social media posts, and add interest to your presentations, reports and RFP responses. 

So what is it, exactly? ZoomTour is a cloud-based virtual tour-building software that empowers you to tell engaging, interactive stories. Incorporating Google Maps and a simple but powerful text and media editor, it allows you to take web visitors on the themed tour of your choice. Incorporate map detail, Street View, website content, images, video, sound, hyperlinks and social media with a few clicks in the dashboard wizard. There simply isn't anything else this user-friendly and intuitive on the market.

Is ZoomTour a subscription? ZoomTour is accessed with a highly affordable yearly license, with which you can create and share as many ZoomTours as you like.

Can I use ZoomTour if I'm not a current GIS Planning client? Absolutely. ZoomTour is a separate product. If you are a ZoomProspector and Intelligence Components client, you can easily integrate your data but this is not a necessary step for building and sharing tours. 

What can I do with ZoomTour? Use ZoomTour to tell the important stories of your community. Our economic development clients use ZoomTour to offer tours of featured properties, business developments and target industry sectors. There are tours about workforce resources, walks through city centers, and important sites of interest to film and video producers. You can use it to showcase the important quality-of-life features that define your region, from recreation, natural features, dining, history or arts and culture. Unleash your creativity to quickly and easily create great new content for your website, social media channels, presentations, RFI responses, tourism, events and more. 

How long does it take to learn? There are no training or special skills required. The dashboard wizard walks you through the steps needed to create your tours. All of them are fully editable, so you can go back and change things any time you wish. We offer online resources to answer any questions that might come up and our incredibly responsive support team is here to help.

How long does it take to implement? We can have you creating tours on the very same day!

How do I share ZoomTour? You can share your tours with a unique URL. Tours can be standalone or grouped by theme if you wish. For example, you may want to have a group of tours for each of your target industry sectors or development projects. Grouping them encourages visitors to check out more than one tour related to their interests. 

What's new in this redesign? We've made ZoomTour even easier for your visitors to navigate. See below on the image of the City of Abbotsford (BC) ZoomTour of film locations featuring restaurants and cafes that visitors can begin the tour by clicking Start Tour (green arrow) and see how many stops they can expect (blue arrow). ZoomTour creators can select the image they want to appear on this welcome overview page. 

Abbotsford ZoomTour markup

Once your visitors begin moving through the stops, they can proceed in the order you've chosen or move on to any other stop they choose. Clicking on the home icon at the top (yellow arrow in the image below) brings you back to the overview introduction screen. Users can go from stop to stop in the left hand column. For any stop, they can select any of the options to learn more (green arrow), see the Google Street View, see the website or data, view the images or video (blue arrow) and more. A ZoomTour can be shared with a single click to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or via a share link (orange arrow). 

Abbotsford ZoomTour film production locations Polly Fox Bakery & Bistro

There are so many great ZoomTours you can visit! Below are a few for you to explore:

Want to learn more about how the newly redesigned ZoomTour can help you quickly and easily build compelling new web content? Schedule your demo today!

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