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New Talent Pool reports enhance labor force data

Businesses looking for locations seek data about the potential labor force for their company. ZoomProspector's new Talent Pool reports make it easy.

Alissa Sklar
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on April 05, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing
Just about any business considering a location seeks data on the quality of the potential labor force for their company. It's one of the most common - and time-consuming - requests economic developers get from prospective businesses. 

Talent pool reports top university degree programsSince qualified employees are so important, locations with a constant supply of educated workers are very desirable. Where do these workers come from? Universities, colleges, and technical colleges are an institutional talent-creator that produces consistent pools of labor within the community.


However, many communities are unable to quantify the value of these institutions to supplying, replacing, and growing the labor force in their area with educated employees. It used to be difficult to find reliable, up-to-date sources, and extremely time-consuming to compile industry-specific reports. Now all that staff time can be devoted to better things.

 Talent pool reports showcase labor force GIS data for economic development

This data is now easily accessible through the new talent pool reports on ZoomProspector Enterprise, the first and only site selection analysis website serving the economic development industry to provide this valuable data analysis. 


Talent Pool reports include the following features:

  • View the top college degree production for a location
  • View top universities' production by number of graduates
  • Analyze by radius or drive time around a potential business location
  • Drill down by different institutions, degrees and fields of study
  • Export graphs in different formats
  • Link, email or social sharing options for this report


You can click here to see a Talent Pool report live on the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance Zoomprospector site. 


Our clients couldn't be more thrilled. "Our marketing team LOVES this report!" explains Jael Jones, director of market research at Pittsburgh Regional Alliance. "They told me it would take them hours to compile that level of data based off the degree program."


"Great stuff!!" says Allie Castetter, project manager the Columbus Indiana Economic Development Board, "I was just asked for this specific data in a RFI for a prospective company. Now if I ever get asked again it will be easily & readily obtainable. Thanks for the update!"

 Talent Pool reports top programs by educational institution

Another client explained that this feature addresses a difficulty her economic development office faced: "This is awesome! We have been talking regionally about how to put this together, so glad to see this as labor is #1 and it is one of the more difficult things to communicate/promote."

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