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NEW: Interactive COVID-19 Data Center for US and Counties

GIS Planning has released a new interactive mapping and data visualization tool, the COVID-19 Data Center for the United States and Counties

Alissa Sklar
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on April 15, 2020
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

We are proud to announce this week's release of a new COVID-19 Data Center for the United States and Counties. The interactive mapping and data visualization tool can be found at this link here and in the Admin section for all of GIS Planning's ZoomProspector clients. 

The COVID-19 Data Center for clients in the United States shows the map for the country and a drop down menu for each state, with daily updated data from the New York Times. Date and time for the data is also displayed on the left. 

Covid-19 Data Center United States and Counties

Users can choose any county within a state to view total cases, total new cases, total deaths, and total new deaths. All of the data can be exported and easily shared from the total directly to social media from the column on the left. The image below shows New York State selected, with the counties listed alphabetically; they can also be selected from the county dropdown list above the map. The total cases and total deaths number on the left adjusts to reflect data for that state. 

Covid-19 Data Center New York State

In the image below, you can see the chartsOPEN-ACCESS COMMUNITY DATA: HOW TO ACCESS THE GIS DATA YOUR REGION NEEDS RIGHT NOW displaying for the selected county. Each of the separate charts can be downloaded on their own for use in reports, email, on social media, in slide decks, etc. The link to the page for that county can also be generated by simply clicking on the blue button that says Copy Link to Share. 

Covid-19 Data Center for Westchester County New York

The GIS Planning COVID-19 Data Center for United States and Counties is one of several data tools and focused content we have rolled out since the onset of the pandemic. You can find more information about the other data tools and resources below:

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