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New! Engaging new design for our Intelligence Components data tools

Nine newly designed GIS data tools engage visitors right on your website, and data is easy to share. View new Labor Force, Wages & Consumer Spending tools.

Alissa Sklar
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on February 22, 2023
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

We are proud to release the beautiful new design of our suite of nine standalone GIS data tools, known as Intelligence Components. These powerful interactive data tools can be quickly and easily added to any of your web pages, drawing more visitors, and keeping them engaged with intuitive research, analysis and share features. In addition to the updated design, we've added three new tools to the mix: Labor Force, Wages and Consumer Spending. This new format makes it easier than ever to turn data into place marketing content. 

Amarillo Business cluster NEW ICWhile our Intelligence Components tend to get less of the limelight than ZoomProspector, our top-ranked GIS data location analysis tool, these robust web tools are true workhorses when it comes to SEO and adding quality interactive content to economic development websites. A survey of our hundreds of clients' analytics shows that Intelligence Components can draw as much as 25% of a website's traffic as landing pages. They also work hard to lower bounce rates, by engaging web visitors with up-to-date interactive content. These useful data tools can be embedded in any of your website pages - and they are all included with your investment in ZoomProspector! Clients making effective use of the Intelligence Components provided to them will note that the primary and secondary colors in the web tools are the same as the ones they have chosen for the ZoomProspector property database, ensuring a consistent look and branding across all of their website pages. 

The three new Intelligence Components, Labor Force, Wages and Consumer Spending, break out information that used to be offered in the original Demographics tool. Our clients told us that this valuable interactive information was most helpful as added content on web pages devoted to those subjects, such as workforce, talent pool, retail attraction, or Stockton new demographic IC  mapsupport of local businesses. The other data tools in the suite include the Community Profile infographic, Demographics, Mapping, Talent Pool (US), Business, and Compare Communities. You can use these to visualize how data variables are dispersed across a region's geography with the beautiful color-blocked thematic heat maps (as in the education attainment example from the City of Stockton website on the left). Search everything from incentive zones to education attainment, degrees conferred, trade schools, local data and much more. Use the Business Intelligence Component to map out all existing businesses in your region (with daily updated data from Data Axle). The elegant infographic blocks in the Community Profile tool offer a snapshot of key data that are the perfect addition to your About [Your Region] website page!

You will notice that the new design of the Intelligence Components makes the standalone tools look like the polished reports from ZoomProspector. We use the same intuitive user interface to bring this powerful data to your web visitors who might not always think to delve into ZoomProspector reports. Since the community, talent and business data is so useful for so Abbotsford Labour forcemany of your stakeholders, we want to ensure everyone gets to benefit from it by also breaking it out into these tools to embed on your different website pages. That's why all eight of the Intelligence Components are included automatically, at no additional cost, for every full edition ZoomProspector client. 

In addition to the user-friendly (and mobile responsive) new design, the new version of the Intelligence Components all feature the dynamic Share button. I'm not exaggerating when I call this your place marketing superpower: Clicking on Share on the top right of all reports enables you to share directly by email, to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, and to generate your own hyperlink to any instance of analysis. Want to share how much people in your community spent on women's apparel last year? Share the hyperlink to that exact report (like this one from the City of Stockton)

Not a ZoomProspector client but still want to benefit from the interactive data in the Intelligence Components? Contact us to learn how you can purchase one or more of the data tools for your website. 

The newly designed Intelligence Components are being rolled out to existing clients. You can see them live here on the City of Amarillo (TX), City of Stockton (CA) and City of Abbotsford (BC) websites. If you're an existing client and have questions about the new Intelligence Components, you can contact the Support team

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