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New! Business data now updated regularly

Robust, up-to-date business & industry data is critical for BRE & investment attraction, so we're updating it as new information is added to InfoGroup USA.

Alissa Sklar
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on July 13, 2020
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Economic developers have shifted their attention to supporting and nurturing their existing businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, offering support and information wherever possible. At GIS Planning, we recognize how critical it is to have robust, reliable and up-to-date business and industry data for business retention and expansion as well as investment attraction, so we've upgraded how often this information is updated; we're pleased to announce that our API with InfoGroup USA will now update automatically any time new information is added to the system.

You can see the most recent update at any time by scrolling down to the citation at the bottom of the business report, as in the screenshot below. Click here to see it live on ArizonaProspector.com.

GIS Business data economic development citation

Why is this important? The business and industry information in ZoomProspector, the leading online GIS data software for economic development, offers excellent market intelligence, assisting businesses looking to adapt their supply chain and procurement strategies to the region. It's also a critical way for new investors to determine what key clusters exist in the area, and where they might find suppliers and competitors. No other vendor of GIS data tools for economic development offers such detailed, easy to analyze business and industry data.

How are automatic updates of business information useful to economic developers, businesses and potential investors? Businesses open and close all the time. This volatility is particularly an issue during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know our clients need to feel confident that the data they offer on their economic development organization, chamber of commerce and government websites is an accurate reflection of the businesses in their region. 

To learn more about the industry's leading GIS data software, ZoomProspector, and our six standalone Intelligence Components, visit our website or schedule a demo today. 

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