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Did you know? Turn by turn driving directions

Did you know that the mobile optimized version of ZoomProspector Enterprise offers turn by turn driving directions from every site and property report?

Alissa Sklar
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on April 24, 2017
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

When we launched the mobile optimized version of ZoomProspector Enterprise in early 2014, we opened up an entire world of possibilities to economic developers, site selectors, investors and corporate real estate professionals in the field. After all, it isn't convenient to search desktop websites on the small screens of your smartphone or tablet.


With up to 35% of our clients' web traffic coming from mobile devices (a number that continues to grow exponentially), it was clear that mobile is the future of economic development.turn by turn driving directions economic development software


Four months into 2017, ZoomProspector Enterprise is still the only fully featured, mobile optimized tool for GIS location analysis. That means all the functionality of the industry's leading site selection software is designed specifically for the small size of your smartphone screen. All our other software products, such as ZoomProspector.com (the U.S. national site selection portal) and our five Intelligence Components, are fully mobile responsive.


This means that we are thinking specifically about what it means to use a mobile device for this kind of software. Imagine a site selector or business owner is visiting several suitable properties in your community. They're standing on the side of a road by an empty site, or outside an empty office building, and planning their trip to the next location on their shortlist. All property reports on ZoomProspector Enterprise mobile software offers turn by turn driving directions (see image at right). Try it yourself by clicking one of these links from your smartphone:


Fast, convenient, easy. It's the future of economic development today. And only ZoomProspector Enterprise makes it possible.I want to know more


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