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Milestone: 2,000+ proposals generated by our clients since 2021

Our clients consistently tell us how much they love the ZoomProspector's built-in drag & drop proposal generator. Here are some of the many reasons why.

Alissa Sklar
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on April 28, 2022
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Since we launched the super convenient drag & drop proposal generator feature in ZoomProspector, our clients have consistently told us how much they love the ability to quickly and easily produce polished finished site selection proposals. This anecdotal evidence was wonderful to hear but we decided to put on our data scientist hats and dig into the analytics (after all, this is what we do!). We were delighted to discover that the ZoomProspector proposal generator is a very heavily used feature, with more than 2,000 individual proposals generated by our clients since the beginning of 2021. That's a LOT of proposals!

image (4)For those of you who haven't used the proposal generator, allow me to explain how it works. Think of it as the Google Docs of online site selection proposals - economic developers can use the intuitive interface to collaborate online to build a beautiful, professional proposal that can be shared as a link (or downloaded and printed, for those who may still require hard copies). Properties can be added with the click of a mouse, and new sites that become available even after delivery of the proposal can still be instantly added in real-time. Team members can work together from different offices across the region (and easily accommodate anyone working from home offices). Marketing collateral can be saved and reused across different proposals, and existing proposals duplicated and edited to suit new opportunities.

When the GIS Planning team designed the proposal generator, we were committed to the idea that building effective, winning proposals shouldn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Our clients told us that these proposals had previously been very labor-intensive processes. They asked us to include certain elements:

  • image (3)The ability to drag & drop properties into the document
  • The ability to add as many pages of marketing collateral as needed, taking advantage of infographics, charts, heat maps and 3D renderings from ZoomProspector
  • The ability to feature images, video, 3D renderings, virtual tours, 360° flyovers, and other media
  • The ability to upload supporting documents in other formats (PDFs, spreadsheets and more)
  • The ability to save marketing content for future use (such as general information about your region, industry sectors, workforce, etc.)
  • The ability to share the finished proposal online as well as in a PDF format should printing be required
  • The ability to share properties as a KMZ or KML file
  • Polished, professional design easily customized to suit your organizational branding

With more than 2,000 proposals generated since 2021, it's clear ZoomProspector's proposal generator is a massive time saver and is a particular favorite of the more than 30 statewide economic development organizations, as well as the many utilities, metro areas and regions that have selected ZoomProspector as their GIS data tool to engage investors. 

Wendy Lopez, business recruitment manager of the Wyoming Business Council, explains, "The Wyoming Business Council has used the ZoomProspector platform for a number of years. Our leads love the ease of use, the GIS features, and the community data available. One site selector sent me the following response after receiving a proposal from us through the system: 'This platform is very impressive, to say the least. What an incredible asset. It is easily the most sophisticated response I have seen in my years as a site selector so kudos to you and your team. This will make comparing the qualifying factors of each site much easier as we begin to sort through the submissions'.

Paulina San Millan, vice president of business development for Intersect Illinois, explains how her organization has integrated ZoomProspector into their internal processes: "ZoomProspector has been instrumental to Intersect Illinois! This tool helps us promote sites all around the state. However, the most important part for us is in the backend. We utilize it to manage RFI distribution to our local EDOs. We have around 300+ contacts that receive our projects and submit their responses using this tool." 

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