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June webinars you don't want to miss

School may be out for summer this month but the learning never stops with GIS Planning! We've got 3 practical professional development webinars for June

Alissa Sklar
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on June 02, 2022
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

School may be out for summer this month but the learning opportunities never stop with GIS Planning! We've got three of our most popular professional development webinars lined up for the next few weeks, full of practical takeaways you can put into practice right away, whether you use our GIS data tools or not. 

5 Proven Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Economic Development Website


What's this about? What's the point of a great economic development website and powerful GIS data tool if no one visits? How can you ensure your website will be found? How can you direct your target personas to the content they need? This webinar reviews five specific, creative strategies to drive more high-quality traffic your way. This super practical free 30-minute webinar will outline five concrete ways to draw more qualified attention to your website tools and content. Take advantage of these tips and live examples to ensure your location has the best shot at making those important shortlists.

When? Tuesday, June 14th. 1:30 pm EDT/ 10:30 am PDT

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Turn Your E-newsletter into a Place Marketing Powerhouse

newsletter iconWhat's this about? Is your EDO e-newsletter a little on the - um - boring side? Are your open rates flat? The click rates through the floor? Do you ever wonder why you are sending an e-newsletter at all? It's time for a change! Good news! 2022 is your year to punch up that electronic newsletter and make it work for you instead of the other way around. In this webinar, we will challenge you to take a hard look at this trusty place marketing tool and consider ways to turn it into the lead generation and lead nurturing tool it really deserves to be.

When? Wednesday, June 22nd. 1:30 pm EDT/ 10:30 am PDT

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5 Ways to Make Your Investment Promotion Agency Website Sticky

honey-4921212_1920What's this about? A "sticky" website entices visitors to spend more time on its pages and encourages them to return in the future. A website that encourages users to stick around long enough to explore your various pages gives you more opportunities to impart your marketing messages to an engaged visitor. Best of all, sticky investment promotion agency websites help you get noticed by potential investors and community stakeholders on social media, which pays off in added traction and more prospects. The stickiness of your IPA website is the differentiating factor between a visitor and an investor, between generic visits and a pipeline of prospects, and between true ROI and traffic that just won't convert. This free, 30-minute webinar will cover five practical ways to encourage prospective investors to stick around and learn more about your location.

*Please note, this webinar is timed for the convenience of our European clients. If you're interested in the content but cannot attend at this time, please register anyway to ensure you receive a follow-up email with a link to the video recording. 

When? Wednesday, June 29th. 1:30 pm BST/ 9:30 am EDT

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