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Invest Glasgow (UK) launch new website and branding

The City of Glasgow's investment promotion team has launched a powerful, interactive new website to drive investment to the biggest city in Scotland.

Alissa Sklar
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on February 02, 2022
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Invest Glasgow, the City of Glasgow’s dedicated Investment Promotion Team, has gone through a rebrand and launched a new website, InvestGlasgow.com. The powerful online portal has been designed to promote the city as a business-friendly location, providing detailed information and insights into the many great reasons to invest in Glasgow and the wider metropolitan area.

Invest Glasgow property with layer legendThe site allows users to explore the opportunities the city holds through newly developed ‘city discovery tools’ such as the site selection data portal, ZoomProspector. It provides a deep dive into the city’s ecosystem, exploring the main cluster strengths alongside the start-up and scaleup scene and success stories of businesses who have relocated, expanded or set up in Glasgow. It is also home to The Glasgow Narrative: an interactive e-book that details a collective evidence base, underpinning 10 core claims developed for Glasgow’s renewed business story.

The redesigned website is an important marketing tool for Invest Glasgow, which is responsible for helping to attract investment into the city. They do this by providing comprehensive business support and guidance, and one point of contact to all businesses, property investors, developers or individual talent considering investing, setting up or expanding in the city.

The team encourages and assists investment while promoting the Glasgow metropolitan area as one of the most investor and business-friendly locations in the UK and Europe. Both direct and indirect local economic benefits are created by increasing flows of Foreign Direct Investment, for example by directly providing employment or indirectly improving the productivity of domestic firms.

Gavin Smyth, City Marketing Manager said: “When it comes to digital marketing, one of the most important tools for an Economic Development Organisation (EDO) or Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) is its associated web platform. Research tells us that 70% of development decision-makers wait until they have established their shortlist of locations before contacting an EDO.”

“In order to be globally relevant, competitive and measurable, we recognized that our web platform needed a major overhaul. We used the opportunity to create a more interactive and effective marketing resource for both city partners and potential clients. The structure and layout are designed to encourage increased dwell time on the site and support visual storytelling, informed by accurate and insightful data. Our intention is that it becomes a vital and user-friendly source of intelligence for decision-makers and endorses our central business narrative.”

Some key features of the new website include:

  • DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS: Visitors can research labour force, population, educational levels and even employee types by distance or radius from a selected property, or even a pin on the map and export the information in ready-to-go reports.
  • BUSINESS REPORTS: The business database can help identify industry clusters and potential customers, competitors and suppliers. An excellent resource as well for retail site locations!
  • WORKFORCE & FDI DATA: Powerful labour force, wage and talent data can help existing businesses and prospective investors make informed decisions to grow the regional economy. FDI data tracks seven years of greenfield investment by country, the number of projects, jobs and investment.

Gavin explains, “The pandemic has hastened the move for all organizations to accelerate and improve their digital presence. The marketplace is crowded with place brands doing similar and among that Invest Glasgow has sought to establish a brand proposition that recognizes the importance of location. The site allows us to showcase regional strengths and celebrate our points of difference while reflecting a contemporary and authentic city offer.”

More information:

View the new website: https://www.investglasgow.com/   
Connect with Invest Glasgow on Twitter www.twitter.com/Invest_Glasgow and Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/invest-glasgow


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