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Introducing our Talent Pool data tool

Talent pool data is a key part of the business location decision making process. Our newly launchd Talent Pool standalone data tool can go on any website page.

Alissa Sklar
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on May 31, 2017
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

One of the top questions for anyone making a business location decision is the nature of the regional labor force. They want to know more about the local talent pool: what universities exist in the area, what are the top degrees conferred by program? This data is key to the site selection process.


With this in mind, we are proud to launch our brand new Talent Pool Intelligence Component, which lets you embed this interactive mapping tool anywhere on your economic development organization website, so site selectors and business owners can view, research, map and share results about the workforce in your area. You can see the new Talent Pool Intelligence Component live here on the ChooseVallejo.com website.


The Talent Pool Intelligence Component uses the same data you can find in the ZoomProspector Enterprise reports (see an example here on the PittsburghProspector site), but allows them to stand alone on your website pages, so stakeholders and decision makers are able to see them where they need them. 


Clients tell us that not only does this ensure location decision makers have the information they need during their research process, but that it saves hours and hours of time internally for economic developers preparing RFPs and business cases. Jael Jones, director of market research for Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, explained, "The market research team LOVES this report! They told me it would take them hours to compile that level of data based off the degree program."

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Like all of our Intelligence Components, the new Talent Pool tool is designed to work independently on your website, no matter who designed your website or which GIS site selection tool you are using. You can choose one or more, or choose the whole suite, as most of our clients do.


You can also put them to work in one of our six turnkey microsite templates. Based on best practices in website design, these beautiful websites allow you to upload images, logo and branding colors, so they can be up and running in no time, for nominal cost. This option allows you to save a significant amount of time and budget on the usual website design process, and feature the gold standard in interactive site selection data tools. Get in touch today to learn more.

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