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Identify website visitors with Lead Gen ID

When it comes to economic development marketing, the vast majority of effort is spent generating leads. Identify who they are, so you kickstart the conversation

Alissa Sklar
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on October 24, 2016
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

When it comes to economic development marketing, the vast majority of effort is spent generating leads. We blog, use social media in strategic ways, put together a clever, informative websites, advertise, attend the right trade shows, use e-newsletters, send out targeted email campaigns, and much more.


Then what?Do you wait for the leads to come to you? Do you twiddle your thumbs in your office, click refresh on your email inbox? Just how long are you going to sit and wait, exactly?




No need to wait. Your leads are actually there already. You just need the technology to go and get them. That's where Lead Gen ID comes in. Our reverse IP lookup is built directly into the back end of our tools, so you can see which companies are searching for properties on your ZoomProspector Enterprise application, who is searching for demographic, business, consumer spending and comparison data on your Intelligence Components. You get to see what industry they are in, what their website URL is, and their main telephone number, so you can kickstart the conversation.


To make things even more useful, you also get to see what they have been searching on your website. What properties did they view? What counties? What building attributes did they enter? What property reports? How long did they spend on those website pages?


Lead Gen ID is an economic development game changer. It offers a proactive way in to important conversations with the leads that matter. Get there before your competitors do. Learn more about how Lead Gen ID can generate actionable leads for your community with this on-demand webinar video. 

View video of Lead Gen ID webinar


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