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Hyperlocal to hyper regional: Showcase your GIS site selection data

Site selectors want to both drill down to hyper-local GIS data at the block group level and zoom out to regional data. ZoomProspector makes this easy

Alissa Sklar
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on August 17, 2022
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

Site selection decisions depend on a wide variety of criteria unique to every project, so it can be hard to predict exactly what each new case requires. However, in our 25 years of providing the industry's top-ranked suite of GIS site selection tools, it's been crystal clear that decision-makers appreciate being able to access the full spectrum of their data. That means they want to drill right down to hyper-local data at the block group/ zip code level as well as zoom out to city, county, state or province regional data; GIS Planning is uniquely well suited to deliver nuanced data research and analysis at all levels. 

Known as "granularity" in data science, the ability to measure different levels of detail is of great importance in economic development. Any business considering an investment wants to understand how a region meets its criteria very locally as well as at the city, county, regional and state or province level. 

businessman with binoculars with a corporate district in the background - buildings reflections on lensesHyperlocal data means you research demographic, occupation or consumer spending data down to individual block groups or zip codes. Granular data means you can map out every retail store on a city block or use wage data to determine salary ranges within a 20-minute commute of a specific address. You can get creative with the robust data sets in ZoomProspector, supplementing the reports, heat maps and graphs with a quick look at Google Streetview to assess truck access to the delivery door. Or view the 360° fly-over, so you can see at a glance what companies, organizations, landmarks and infrastructure are nearby. Want to compare specific properties side-by-side? Only ZoomProspector makes that possible.

Hyper regional data is important too. As the GIS site selection software of choice for more than 30 statewide economic development organizations in the US (and a provider of national level data), ZoomProspector is set up to easily help users map the big trends and infrastructure in a region. Where do incentive zones fall across the state? What is the proximity to nearby airports? Metro areas? Deep water ports? Our talent pool report helps you map out degrees conferred and top universities and programs within 200 miles. You can see how an industry sector or supply chain falls across an entire region or state. Our Compare Communities feature lets you compare data side-by-side for any city, town or county with as many others across the nation as you like. 

Any economic development organization seeking to engage, inform and attract investors will want to ensure that they have interactive, robust and up-to-date data that runs the gamut from hyperlocal to hyper regional on their websites. There's a reason more than 72% of Americans live in territory serviced by ZoomProspector software - it is quite simply the most innovative and effective tool on the market for location analysis and economic development. Check it out here to learn more. 

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