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How to search for commercial sites & properties

Video: How site selectors & businesses making location decisions can use a GIS tool on economic development websites to find commercial sites or buildings.

Alissa Sklar
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on August 04, 2017
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing

One of the things we learned from our recent client survey is that our clients are interested in offering their users quick guides to features and functionality of their ZoomProspector Enterprise tool. With that in mind, we are building an archive of short, easy-to-follow videos explaining how different part of the tool can be used. Clients can find links to the three videos already created on their extensive Knowledge Base customer support portal.


You can check out the first and most basic of these tools, How to search for sites and properties on your ZoomProspector Enterprise tool. 


How to Search for a Site or Property in ZoomProspector Enterprise from GIS Planning on Vimeo.


Clients can use these videos as a reference tool, or create their own versions with their customized websites using this as a templates. There is a wide range of simple screen capture video software out there, such as Camtasia, or free tools such as OBS Studio or Flashback Express, which won't put ugly watermarks on your finished product. 


Want to know more about adding a branded GIS location analysis tool to your economic development website? Click on the link below for a customized assessment and demo.

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