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How to save sites, properties, reports & more

How to save sites, buildings, properties, reports, businesses, and communities to your folder on ZoomProspector Enterprise GIS economic development websites.

Alissa Sklar
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on August 17, 2017
Alissa Sklar
Vice President of Marketing
How to save a site building property on GIS economic development website

One of the most convenient features on ZoomProspector Enterprise GIS location analysis sites is the ability to quickly and easily save buildings, sites, reports, businesses or communities - without having to set up an account.


Clicking on the Save menu header or "Save to folder" when the dialogue box opens up in the map allows you to save the report into your folder for later use. You can see exactly how that works on the screen shot from the newly launched City of Brentwood site selection microsite in the screenshot below.


No need to register for an account. No need to remember yet another password. Couldn't be easier.

Save sites buildings to your folder on economic development website

Your saved items will remain in your folder until you clear your computer's cache, so you can access them any time you need them (see image below). Of course, you can also always email reports, share them on social media, generate a share link or export them as PDFs, Excel or Word documents. 


All of this facilitates research for site selectors and businesses making location decisions; if they are considering a number of communities and consulting all of their ZoomProspector Enterprise tools, they won't need sign-in information for every single one of them. 


The short video below walks you through the steps for saving sites, buildings, businesses, reports and communities in a folder.



How to Save a Site, Building or Business Report in Your Folder from GIS Planning on Vimeo.


You can also view similar "How to" videos in this post about How to Search for Site or Property, and this post on How to Search for Businesses. Those posts also outline how your community can use free software to produce your own videos.


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