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Promote your EDO's undiscovered but incredible tech industry

Locations with an emerging tech scene off the radar of the tech ecosystem can find it hard for their startups to find customers & attract investment.

Russ Riblett
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on April 13, 2016
Russ Riblett
Vice President of Sales

Amazing tech companies are growing all over the USA and not just in Silicon Valley. However, if you’re in an emerging tech scene and not in the center of the tech ecosystem, it’s often harder for your startup to be discovered, find customers, and attract investment.


COLLISION_website.pngBuffalo, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Charleston, Birmingham, New Orleans and San Antonio are using the popular Collision conference to showcase the talented tech startups from their communities. Startups from these communities will participate in the PITCH competition, which will pit them against the best tech startups from around the world.


Web Summit, Collision conference, and Launch Pad organizers believe that these areas of the USA are underappreciated but incredible tech communities, so they set up a specific track of the conference to highlight their tech startups that are doing innovative things. Economic development organizations such as Invest Buffalo Niagara have promoted this opportunity and local media reinforces the brand of the area as a tech community through their news coverage.


Communities that have startups presenting at this conference will receive validation that their areas are gaining a critical mass of valuable technology startups. In addition, they are marketing their locations as strong for tech investment to the tech leaders, venture capitalists, and media that will all be paying attention to these startups during the conference.


As an added networking and marketing benefit, startups from these communities will present along with some of the most famous people in the world including tech experts, celebrities, and titans of the Internet industry.


While this conference is an economic development opportunity for EDOs and the startups in their communities, one of the PITCH startups is a tech company called SizeUp LBI that provides key business intelligence to help their existing small and medium-sized businesses find success. Leading economic development organizations have already implemented this online software including the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Tarrant Small Business Development Center, City of Scottsdale, City of Riverside, and Florida Power & Light.


If you are an economic developer take advantage of conferences such as Collision to highlight your tech companies and show off your prowess to the tech elite that attends. In addition, if you aren’t already using SizeUp for your economic development website to support business retention and entrepreneur assistance, find out how it can help you.  


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