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GIS Planning launches new company website (VIDEO)

The new GIS Planning website offers visitors a dynamic, new and interactive experience to learn about our products. See our technology come to life.

Pau Rodriguez
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on January 28, 2020
Pau Rodriguez
Design Director

As GIS Planning's design director, I’m proud to officially announce the new launch of our corporate website. Visitors will quickly see that this isn't just an informative website about our suite of products but also an interactive educational resource for anyone in the fields of economic development and corporate site selection.

I invite everyone to visit our new site and enjoy the journey. Before you do, here's a quick tour to discover what will you find on the new website. We can start with some numbers to give you the overall picture of what you'll find.website-launch-post-numbers

Today’s company websites are like the online window displays of a bricks and mortar store. As a pedestrian, you walk past hundreds of stores and boutiques, but some of them are far more likely to grab your attention and speak to you. There’s something in their window, signage or overall look that you find distinctive, personal, and trustworthy. The same thing happens when you browse the Internet for the answer or solution you were seeking. When you land on GISPlanning.com, we want you to feel you've arrived at the right place.

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1) Learn more about our products

“How can we help you?”

Economic developers and commercial real estate professionals will find the product that best fits their needs. To make searching easier, we've divided each product line into its own section following the same structure:



Get a snapshot of the product and find out why the application is right for your organization. 


Discover all the features the application offers, and drill down into detail to get all the information you need. 

Customer Stories

Learn how others in the investment attraction and business retention and expansion fields are using our technology and how it's helped them achieve success.


Browse our FAQs section to answer any questions you might have. If you can't find the information you need, visit our Help Center, reach out on our online chat or send us a message. 

Discover our products


2) Experience our technology

"What does the product look like?"

To offer website visitors an optimal experience, we've built in the same kind of interactivity our clients have come to expect from our online data tools. Just as you should almost feel the texture of a cashmere sweater when buying it online, GISPlanning.com now helps you experience our technology. We accomplished that by using plenty of product images in our showcase, providing interaction based on user behavior, with GIF animations and videos to illustrate features and functionality. 


Play with mouseover & GIFs


3) Hear success stories from real innovators

"What kind of people buy it?"

Across the whole website you will be able to meet people in the industry who are using our technology. They explain why they have chosen GIS Planning as their solution provider and how this has helped them do their jobs better and achieve success. You can read their stories or watch them describe their experience in various short videos throughout the site.


Innovator Success Stories


4) Take advantage of our learning center

"In experts I trust"

GIS Planning offers the industry's leading online GIS corporate site selection software, but we have also always taken pride in our on-the-ground experience as economic developers. With over 22 years of experience in the field, we have long provided reliable thought leadership on place marketing, GIS data and economic development data tools. Our new company website is an educational resource platform with the some of most influential sources of information, strategies, and analysis. 

GIS Planning Blog

Our popular blog continues to offer everything from ideas, practical tips, industry news and product updates. Our team will keep you up to date and informed about all things economic development. You can subscribe here to receive a weekly digest of blog posts. 

GIS Planning video Channel

The GISPlanning video channel features our line of master classes and recorded webinars. You will now find tutorials for:

Product  |  Place Marketing  |  Client Training  |  Data Strategy



Visit learning center


5) Get to know us better

"Who are the people behind the industry's leading GIS tools for economic development?"


As the original disruptor and inventor of online GIS data tools for economic development organizations more than 22 years ago, GIS Planning’s technology remains the market leader and has consistently been recognized as the industry standard. GIS Planning currently serves the majority of the 100 largest cities in North America and our technology is implemented in 45 U.S. states, five Canadian provinces and 11 other countries around the world. More economic development professionals choose GIS Planning software than all our competitors combined.

professional and accessible team

We're not just a tech company - we're an economic development services company: 80% of our non-programming staff, including our co-founders and co-managing directors, have worked for economic development organizations. We understand what you need.

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You aren't going to hit some endlessly long phone menu when you call us. Your request isn't going into some dark abyss, never to be see from or heard again. At GIS Planning, we provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves.

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